Friday, November 07, 2014

Fly goes Flyballing!

Hallooo Fly here,
I az bin having sum spellin lessons from Mr P so I hopes I iz getting better J
I am here to tell yous about our ventur into Flyball this year. All tho it wuz a while ago, it iz a funnie story so I iz goin to tell you.
Me, Pip and our flyballin frends that iz Bonnie the whippet, Bracken the GSP, Tess the collie and the aussies Denver, Phoenix and Bella all went to Angel Sea (didn’t see no angels tho!). Mummy had sed that she wasent goin to camp in a tent fing so she ad booked us into an hotel wich wuz very dog friendly. We travilled a looooong way in de car an Pip wuz sick, wich smellt horridble.
Me n Pip in the car
We finaly got to de flyball feeld and saw all our frends, then abowt 5.30 left to go to the hotel. Wen Mummy got their, she ast for de room, and the lady said they were expectin us the nite befor and they ad charged Mummys card as we hadent turned up! Wats moor, they hadent got no room for us in de Inn, now wher av I herd that story befor hmmm? Anyway as Mr P says, I digress!

Anyhow, they must av checked their bookin system and real ized they ad made a mistake, so they fownd us a big caravan to stay in abowt for miles from de hotel, which they dident charge us for and gave us all a free brekfast in de morning. They wer reely nice too and sed Mummy and Daddy cud stay on the Sunday night free of charge in de room that Mummy had originaly booked wich was a sweet overlookin the see! Sadly they had to deecline, az Daddy had an hospital apointment on de Monday mornin. So we stayed in a very nise caravan on the Saturday night and woke refreshed for our flyballin deb u.
Me n Bracken at Angel Sea
None of us dogs had ever compeeted befor an for out of the six handelers hadent either. Well, it wuz a very exciting day and we wuz doin realy well for first time dogs and in de end Anti Rachel our teem coach wuz so excited coz we won! Aparently it iz unherd of for a teem to win first time out, so we were all very excited.
the winnin team!
Then we all had to dash off home an it took us ova for hours, bearin in mind we missed the teems winnin celabrations and could av stayed anotha nite. This time Pip wuz NOT sick – hoorah! When Daddy got to the hospital Monday morning, he found out the M-R-I skanner was broken and they had bin tryin to contact him to say not to come but hadent got his mobile number. Mummy wuz very miffed that she dident get to stay anotha nite! 
Then there wuz our second outing over the August Bank Holiday, when we went to Ox Ford Shire. This time dident see no Oxes! However we went in STYLE!
Mummy and Daddy kidded Jason an Rachel that we wuz campin in a tent, but oh no, the princess Fly and her cohort Pip were transported in a BIG house on wheals called a motor home.
Our BIG motor home
You should hav seen young Jason’s face when we arrived on de feeld, it wuz a pictur! Specially az he thort we had bought it and he could use it for future turnaments, when in fact they had only rented it for de weakend!
me n Pip in our motorhome!
 Anyways, we had a lovely weekend Saturday and Sunday when de sun shone and we sat in campin chairs and ate drank an were merry!

Me hidin in the blankit

Pip likes de chair too!
...but he likes de bed moor

travellin in stile!

Rollin along....

 We starter dogs weren’t takin part until de Monday, soooo, true to form on every Bank Holiday Monday in August the hevans opened and we all got soaked! Anyway, I still ran in the rain unlike Pip who turned into a rite wimpy and refused to run, luckily we had a spare dog! This time we cum forth so Anti Rachel was still pleased. We are still trainin hard and hope to be compeetin wiv the open dogs next year.

Mr P will be back nex time to catch you up wiv de news, till then

Bye from Fly!