Wednesday, September 21, 2005

More puppiees!

Hi Waljan here again reporting on news from our neighbours.

At the end of our garden we have two rottweilers who belong to Paul and Caroline who are Mummy's relations. They are staying in our garden in a big metal thing called a caravan while their new house is being built.

Titan is very big and scary and when I speak to him through the fence I usually have to lie down and grovel (well I don't want to end up a rottweiler dinner thank you!). Kyna usually ignores me as I am a mere puppy and unworthy of any attention. Anyway a couple of months ago, they had a new older puppy, a Border terrier called Tigger. Tigger is a lot more to my liking as he will play with me.

Well, on Monday, Dad went up with Caroline to Birmingham and came back with a new tiny rottweiler puppy called Hera. It is very cute and fluffy and I will try and get a photo of her soon to show you.

Must go Dad is shouting me for breakfast, speak soon.



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