Thursday, March 21, 2013

The loss of a ledgend

Well folks here I am with some very sad news. Last Friday at 4am in the morning there was a loud thud from the room where Mum and Lucy sleep and next thing she was shouting Dad, as Lucy was having another epileptic fit. As you might remember from my previous post last year, Lucy had had a series of epileptic fits while they were walking over to the pub and after a trip to the V.E.T was put on tablets called Epiphen. As she hadn’t had any attacks for over a year, Mum had made an appointment at the V.E.T to see if she could be taken off them, well poor Lucy never made the appointment.
She went into a series of fits in the house which was very upsetting for all, as we didn’t know what was happening and when Luce wasn’t fitting she was staggering round the lounge in a daze bumping into things. After being given diazepam at our place with no noticeable result, they rushed her to the V.E.T , while we dogs waited nervously at home.
When they came back we found out that Luce had had one fit after another and even after more diazepam and sedative, she was still fitting after an hour and a half so sadly Mum and Dad made the decision to let her go. She came home and we said our goodbyes and she is now buried in the garden next to Faith.
We were all very sad and quiet for a few days as Lucy had been Lucy in her own inimitable style and life was the richer for it, we are all going to miss her. I am sorry I can’t post her last photo which was taken on Wednesday in the woods with the snowdrops but instead one of her blog posts which she sneaked it sometimes.

Elo, Luce ere, i az bin bad, or so Mumi sayz. I wus owt wiv dad and i spotz unlce Andy in de vallee, dad howevr did not! On ocashun i haz bin nown to go off wiv de pokit rokit for a beet of a moocha after de furrie fings called babits. well we az bin owt for a tyme in de past, but dis tyme we wuz owt for free and an haf howrs. Me mum wuz worrit as she cam dowen in de vallee free tymes callin me but we wuz havin two much of a gude tyme to cum bak, alltho i herd her showtin. Mumi calls it selektiv sigh-tound defness. hanyways, i bourt dem a small preesent wen i cum bak in de form of a likkel babit wich unlce Andy gev to his ferets overwyse nown as de carpit sharcs! i allso wen to de pub las weak wiv Mr. Podge it wuz gude fun goin owt lait as ther wuz lotts of babits abowt butt i never cawt one then.
 oooh err hear cums Mr.P beta let hym feenesh de blog, cattch ya latur. Luce xxx

Bye Lucy will miss you loads.

Love Waj, Phoebe, Poppy, Blitz and Donna x x x x x


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