Monday, March 30, 2015

Feebs returns to visit!

So, me mom’s home off school for her holidays and she’s nagging me to write this blog – apparently I promised when we went to Dumpledale in Feb that I’d do it, and I’ve been a lazy moo and haven’t done it.  Personally I don’t remember saying I would, but then I don’t remember the alarm going off this morning, I don’t remember having breakfast…........
Me on the way to my holidays
Anyway, they were packing their cases and Nanny came and I thought, “’ere, something’s going on.” Then we all piled in the car (not Nanny – she was looking after the pesky cats and the ex batty/still batty hens - I was on top of duvets and all sorts, it was pretty comfy) and went on a loooooong journey. We stopped on the way for coffee breaks and weewee breaks and lunch and then I realised that there were familiar smells; the sea, then other pointy-nosed dogs… we were at Dumpledale!

Well, wasn’t I the celeb? We got to open the new caravan (trés poshe) and my picture was on the outside of it! I checked out all the sofas very carefully and they passed the Phoebe test.
My picture on the van
Well, we had a lovely week. We went shopping in Haverfordwest and for a long walk round Tenby (we went to Cadwalladers and they gave me dog biscuits) and later we had fish and chips and you know how I love fish and chips.
Our walk in Tenby

Me pooped out on holiday

Me and a chip!

Cake at Cadwalladers

We went to Carew Castle where we met up with Mom and Dad’s friends Dave and Andy and their dog, Mailo (who is a bit bigger than a cat, and has a pointy nose, and pokes it exactly where I don’t want it!). We also went to Solva and I had some lunch there too. One day Carol and Fly came round to the caravan to play and we (me and Fly, not Carol) had a bit of a chase, then I showed her the sofas in the caravan and she liked them too. It was a nice holiday – except when Trev and Jason came to say hello and cut my toenails!

I wondered a bit if I was going back to Brum at the end of the week but it seems like I’m stuck with Mom and Dad because they packed all my stuff up and I got in the car and I did come back. We’re going back to Dumpledale next year though because Dad is having what they call a ‘big birthday, I’m going to try out all the seating and beds in Swallow’s Dance then.
Me at Solva
 So, do you want to know about life in Brum?  It’s good.  I sleep a lot.  Most days, when Mom and Dad have gone to work, I go back to bed (in their bed, but don’t worry, they’ll NEVER know, it’s not like I make a mess or nest right down in the duvet or get hair everywhere or anything…) and sometimes Tavish, he’s the orange cat, is there too.  He’s okay.  Bit sulky, but we’ve come to an understanding, and often he doesn’t finish the food in his bowl.  (He’s a bit of a star himself, and says it’s okay if you want to follow him on Twitter, here: )

The Orange Cat
So I sleep for a bit, then I have a nap, and later I follow it up with forty winks or a quick kip, and before I know it Mom and Dad are home.  I think Dad must be a part timer because he gets home dead early.  Then Mom gets in a bit later and I shout ‘roorooroo!’ at her, then it’s biscuits and tea, then perhaps a stroll round the woods., then dinner and by then I am a pooped pooch and head off to bed for a bit of shut-eye!  Before bed I get up to be sociable (not really, but I need to go for a weewee) and then Dad gives me a Bonio and I go back to bed, and Dad goes to bed then too.  I have this ACE trick.  After I’ve eaten my Bonio, I sneak back downstairs and Mom is usually still doing stuff in the kitchen.  So I look sad and she says ‘Aw, Phoebe, did Daddy forget to give you a Bonio?’  And she gives me another one and then I take it to bed! Hahaha! Oomans are stoopid!

Me and Nick (the teddy I stole from the spare bed and claimed as my own!)

Talking of stoopid, remember I told you about the other cat, the black one who hated me?  She’s okay now – she doesn’t hiss at me or run away.  There are some other cats who come round and they’re not allowed to be there, so I sometimes help to sort them out.  I’m also really good at telling Mom and Dad when there are strangers around, and so far I’ve scared the postman, the Yodel delivery man, the takeaway delivery man and someone who came round asking questions that made Mom say some bad words.

The Mean Cat
We’ve had some more visits from some small people too. One of them is called a neffyou, whatever that is, and he’s really small. I go to bed when he comes. The girls who come are bigger and okay, but I go to bed when they come too. I pretend I’m a troll at the top of the stairs and do the whole ‘Who’s that trip-trapping up my stairs’ thing, and they give me biscuits to shut me up and get past me to go to the loo. Good trick, eh?
Anyway, better go, this is tiring and the cat needs to post a tweet. See you all soon!

Love Feebs xxx


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