Saturday, February 11, 2006

and for my next trick.......

Hee, hee, hee, sorry folks silly sniggering about the trick I played on Mummy this week. Well, all of them have been doing something called a diet and it means the leftovers for my bowl ain't what they used to be! They aren't having any cooked breakfasts now (oh no, no bacon) and eating things called yoghurts and very untasty fruit and things. Well, Mummy got one of those yoghurt things out and left it on the table, then went upstairs to fetch some washing down. Being a trainee counter surfer and rather a good one due to my size, I whipped the aforesaid yoghurt pot and ate the peach flavout Danone in the corner of the garden. It actually wasn't too bad!

Ten minutes later, she is wandering round the kitchen and dining room muttering "where did I put that yoghurt?". It was soooooo funny, she has actually got to that forgetful stage in life and thought she had put it down somewhere and forgot where it was! Not even DREAMING that moi would have nicked a yoghurt. It was quite sweet really! Anyway, she realised the next day as I had hidden the empty pot behind the garden chair and Kishka had pulled it out to the path so it was in full view. Too late to shout then as I might not realise what I am being shouted at for, good things these dog advice handbooks, keeps you out of LOADS of trouble!

Only had a short walk today as the rugby's on and Dad jogged the whole way round the dogrun so he wouldn't miss the start.Never mind think I'll nip out the garden with Kish and do some rottweiler baiting. I seem to remember Storm being good at that too!

Catch you later, Waj x