Friday, December 24, 2010

Seasons Greetings!

Hi Folks,
Firstly a big thanks to Boo for ably writing my 100th blog, cant believe it has been five years since I first started as a small pup, anyway on to the news.  

Well theres another month come and gone and a busy one too, for poor old Dad! Two weeks ago in the really cold weather Mum, Dad, Jay and Carley were on their weekly trip out to eat in the new Wetherspoons in Havefordwest which they tell me is really cheap! As Jay was driving them all in the Subaru, Mum opened the back door and realised that the Farmhouse bedding was in there after being returned from the laundry. As you know, Little Dumpledale Farmhouse is the house where Mum and Dad lived before they began renting it out as holiday accommodation. She asked Jay to pop the bedding in and leave it on the table, bearing in mind that we haven’t had any visitors staying since the end of Nov. In to the house pops Jay, then there was an “Oh Treeevooor” from inside. Well, I know we have always wanted an indoor pool, but it wasn’t quite what we quite had in mind! A pipe had burst in the attic, bought down the ceiling in the bedroom and was pouring through the lounge ceiling over the laminate floor, TV, DVD player sofas paintings etc! This is what it looked like.........................

Luckily Dad being such a dab hand at everything turned off the water and the electricity so no further damage was done. No pressure but we had visitors booked in at Christmas! Luckily the insurance company were on the ball, an assessor came out the next day and Dad could start the clear up. Firstly all the carpets upstairs had to be ripped up and dehumidifiers bought in to dry all the wood out. Then dad lagged all the pipes in the attic and repaired the ceiling, then we had it plastered and painted. Instead of replacing the laminate, Dad decided to tile the floor instead as a lot of dogs (me included) dont like walking on laminate. All was finished yesterday and the house is pristine again!
We have had a couple of visitors down this month, Trevs sister Janet came down to stay for a few days so they ate out most nights, most disappointing as no left over's. Then we had a visitor in the form of this…………………..

This is Wallace a little puppy Mum and Dad picked up from Harlech, the story is as follows; 
Many years ago, Mum bred some whippet puppies and the four dogs out of the litter, went to their new homes in pairs. Wallace and Harvey went to stay with a lady called Jean in Harlech and the other two Jem and Jack went to Newport in Gwent. The respected owners very kindly kept in touch, and over the years Wallace, Jem and Jack have passed away, Harvey remains, but is very frail. 
Jean thought she would be without a dog after Harvey became increasingly ill earlier this year and bought another puppy from a lady not far from where she lived. She asked them to keep him until Harvey passed away, but amazingly he rallied round and is still going strong! Time went on and the poopie named Wallace who she named after the previous Wallace, was now 7 months old. Jean had become ill herself and didnt feel she could now cope with a puppy, so asked Mum to take him. He came here but only stayed for couple of days due to a set of curious circumstances.
Mum and Dad have some special friends called Gill and Pete who live up in the wilds on the Preseli Mountains. I went to stay with them once when Mum and Dad went off on their annual holidays, but I digress! They have three dogs; Dash a whippet who is the same age as Lucy and came from the same place, Rhosen, a Labrador and a collie spaniel cross called Rover. Rover was also very frail and Gill and Pete had to sleep downstairs with him so they had borrowed a fold up bed from Mum. 
Two days after Wallace arrived, Gill phoned to see if she could bring the bed back over as they didnt need it anymore, you can guess what that meant. Anyhow, she arrived with the bed, told Mum how miserable Dash and Rhosen had become without Rover, saw Wallace fell in love with him and took him straight away off in the Land rover to Brynberian! Soooo, what a lucky little dog! Living on a smallholding, by a beach, lots of walks and apparently all three are getting on like a house on fire!
Anyhow, that’s all the news for this month, not much snow here much to the disappointment of the snow dog, so on the last blog of 2010, all there is left to do is to wish all of you a merry Christmas and a peaceful, happy New Year and end with a festive view of the Preseli Mountains covered in snow!

Waj x