Thursday, September 29, 2005

New friends and a "Scary" weekend

Hi all Waj here again, this is me trying to take the ball off Poppy, she won't let me have it though! Women, they're all the same and what did she do to those ears?

It's been a while since I've been on line but since the weathers turned a bit colder the humans are spending more time indoors and on the computer so I can't get on and post! Very inconsiderate of them if you ask me!
Anyway, let me see, the news from last week.
Firstly we met lots of nice people who were staying on 10th September. There was Chris and Maria with their spaniel Boysie. He came into dinner with us and was very well behaved but didn't want any of us to play and growled if we invaded his personal space. (I read somewhere you can go on a course for that but maybe thats humans only!) Anyway, he had a very snazzy red jacket that you can lift him up with when you climb over stiles and fences. Very smart!
Kishka took a fancy to Anne who came down to stay with Ange (otherwise known as Reikiange on the Greyhound Gap site) and tried to sit next to her when ever someone vacated their seat at the dinner table! No lasagne this time, only spag bol (whatever that is). I have tried lasagne and it is quite nice but a bit stodgy on the old waistline (not that I have to worry about that!) . I also met Ange, Her partner Rob and Rob's father Russell (Anne was Rob's mum). Anyway, Kish as usual was the centre of attention as I'm laid back and sleep quite a lot (if truth be told!). Haven't got pictures of Rottie pup Hera yet but here are some of my gang at the weekend.
Playing with Kish and Poppy

Sorry about the ears, they do turn inside out on a regular basis!

Kish won't give me the bone (but she will when I'm older!)

Hestia's really bored now....

So we all watched Afterlife...........It was very scary and we all got possessed......even the TV!

Well thats enough for now, I've got a new fan this week a lady called Corinne who has come to stay today. She has some lovely pointy dogs and I''m looking forward to meeting them.

Speak soon, Walj

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

More puppiees!

Hi Waljan here again reporting on news from our neighbours.

At the end of our garden we have two rottweilers who belong to Paul and Caroline who are Mummy's relations. They are staying in our garden in a big metal thing called a caravan while their new house is being built.

Titan is very big and scary and when I speak to him through the fence I usually have to lie down and grovel (well I don't want to end up a rottweiler dinner thank you!). Kyna usually ignores me as I am a mere puppy and unworthy of any attention. Anyway a couple of months ago, they had a new older puppy, a Border terrier called Tigger. Tigger is a lot more to my liking as he will play with me.

Well, on Monday, Dad went up with Caroline to Birmingham and came back with a new tiny rottweiler puppy called Hera. It is very cute and fluffy and I will try and get a photo of her soon to show you.

Must go Dad is shouting me for breakfast, speak soon.


Saturday, September 17, 2005

Saturday's here again

Well, here I am again having a lie down this time waiting for things to happen. At least this week nothing major has happened like the Frankenstein dog from the week before. Didn't I tell you about that?

Auntie Faith is one of Mummy's two special whippets, well they're always in her bed! I have a bit of a problem getting up there as the bed is a bit high at the moment but I have my own special bed just outside of the bedroom, it used apparently to be uncle Wallys (who I've never met) but they say it's ok to have his bed now, but I digress! Anyway auntie Faith went out with Jason and came back with a 7 inch gash on her neck and had to go to the V.E.T, I've been there once and fell asleep on the table, it wasn't very soft though!

Sorry, where was I? Oh yes, she had to have it washed out with antiseptic (whatever that is) and Mummy said she was a brave little soldier as she had it fastened together with little metal things called staples. Well, she wasn't allowed out for a week on the dog run and had to stay with me as I'm not allowed on it either as I'm too little (well not exactly little just too young!). She was in a real temper and wouldn't play with me so I found a nice toilet roll to chew...............

Anyway here's a picci of Auntie Faith's bad neck, not for the squeamish!

Anyway, it's time for tea now, catch up with you all later.............


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Welcome one and all!

Welcome to Waljan's blog! I didn't realise I could use a computer and mouse (aren't they supposed to be for cats?) let alone type, but I guess you learn new things everyday. I am new to the Davies household but I'm already making my mark on the humans and putting the rest of the pack firmly in their places...

I can only use the computer when the humans are out, but I'm going to leave you messages when I can to keep you up to date with life here and tell you all the exciting things that happen to us all.

Firstly, for those of you who have not met me yet, I am a very handsome deerhound greyhound cross (but mostly deerhound!). I was born on 25th April 2005 and moved from my first home in Hartlepool all the way to Wales on 21st June. My new dad, Trevor, said I was a star, as I travelled all the way (seven hours in the car) without moaning or being sick.

I spent my first night in between my my new dad and new Mum, Carol, on their bed! As I had been used to sleeping in a shed with my brothers and sisters, this was a bit of a welcome change to say the least. Anyway, I slept all night and didn't miss my doggie Mum at all!

I live here on the farm with my new friend Kishka the husky, when she's not trying to eat me!

There are also Mummy's special whippets, Faith and Hestia, Auntie Beryl who is a lurcher (whatever that is!) and is in charge of our dog pack and my other friend Poppy who plays with me a lot and also likes to swim!

I have lots to tell you and will soon introduce the other animals that live here, keeping you up to date with our visitors, a lot of whom have come from Greyhound Gap and bring lots of pointy dogs with them. It's an exhausting life so I'm just off for a rest.

Speak to you soon!!


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