Thursday, June 15, 2006

Birthday photo's and our weekend with Jason.

Well, where shall I start? Oh yes, lets have some photo's of Jason's birthday. As some of you know it was a SUPRISE party so when Jason came to the pub everyone was hiding in the marquee out the back. Here they all are.....

Then arrives the birthday boy.................what a cheesy grin!

Here's one with Mum and Uncle Bryan (honorary uncle of course!) and no, he's NOT picking his nose, just scratching it!

And finally one of Jason's birthday present to himself which Mum was NOT too happy with

Yes, you're right, it's a tattoo, although you can't see it very well. Just look at the hairy chest, yuk! Anyway, I thought only greyhounds have tattoo's? Perhaps he thinks he's a greyhound? It is in fact Anubis the dog headed Egyptian God, so I suppose he's got SOME taste!

Once the big party was out of the way and the main cake eaten by the vast hordes at the Stable, Andy and Janet made him this one for the family...............

As you can see, there is a beautifully modelled husky on the top made by Andy (didn't know he had it in him!).

I also promised you one of Lucy's strange sleeping positions. You will note that this is OUR dog settee but sometimes we have to let humans sit on it. The settee is completely empty so she could have comfortably lay anywhere. Where does she lie? Over the arm rest half on the coffee table! She's soooo funny!

Mum and Dad's wedding and funeral went off ok so they tell me and they met some nice people at the wedding called Carol and Steve. She said she was going to read the blog and her CAT might write back to me! What do you reckon bloggers do we allow cats on here? Although we've got our own cat it never speaks to me! (In fact Luce and I try and chase her sometimes when Mum and Dad aren't looking!).

Now, I hear you all asking how did the weekend go alone with Jason? Well besides the numerous bits of wood (Dad NEVER tidies up after his woodwork!) we chomped up on the lounge carpet, toilet rolls and kitchen roll, we also redesigned Mum and Dad's new sandals!

As you know, Kish and I are long established shoe and boot redesigners and our creations are now famous. We have been coaching Luce who is quite useful at getting them down for us as she is quite agile and climb's up on the table via the chairs. Obviously, there is no way I could do due to my size and I do go a bit wobbly at heights! Mum had had some really comfy sandals which she threw away last year (not keen on the new design as we went through the straps) so she bought some more about three weeks ago. We had also taken the buckle off Dad's expensive Clarks sandals, so he had bought some cheap ones to replace them.

They had left the new shoes quite high up in the bedroom, on top of the bedding trunk and on top on another two pillows. So we sent Luce for them which was no problems for her, any cat burgular would have been proud! Needless to say there was a lot of cursing on their return, but as we had obviously forgotten about the deed (according to the dog behaviour handbook!) and they couldn't be sure which one of us did it one got told off. Hee, hee, hee!

One last thing I must mention before I go, was Madam's visit with her three male slaves, William, Pippin and Logan (all whippets). Apparently her real name is Lady Belle and she was Hestia's sister. Of course when she arrived at the place she was born, she was soooo excited to see her first human mum, and also Faith who was her real mum. She also remembered Kish who she used to play with as a puppy and also Beryl and Poppy. I arrived after she left, so hadn't had the pleasure obviously. They had a lovely sunny few days and their mum Chris went back really brown. I personally don't do the sun as I get too hot under my fleece (sorry I meant fur!).

That's all the news for now folks but I hear they're barbequing tonight so some sausages might be forthcoming. Speak soon,

Waj x

Thursday, June 01, 2006

A fight, two birthday's, a wedding and a funeral!

Firsty apologies to all you blog regulars for not keeping you up to date but there has been so much happenin' 'ere, (sorry Troy) that it will take me some time to get you's all up to date. Firstly the SCRAP! On the morning that the delectable Pharoah and the gorgeous Grace were leaving ie 13/5/06, Mum is sitting out in the garden and Beryl is playing with a toy in close proximaty to Lucy and the next thing is Kish decides she wants it. Well, Bear having just been in season and Kish coming into season it was a bit of a fraught time for the girls as well as yours truly. Mummy keeps on about having my gonads off (whatever they are) but Dad won't let her until I'm a bit more mature and fully grown 'cos deerhounds don't mature until after two, so I'm told!

Anyway, I digress, next thing the two bitches are in heated combat and very fierce it was too. Mum being wise to the old dogfight declined to use her hands to seperate them (very wise I say!) so resorted to using the right foot, I think she shoud be playing for England! The long and the short of it being, Bear made Kish back off, but Kish didn't sustain any damage being a really thickly furred beast and poor Bear ended up in the vets ( luckily on Saturday morning, so no out of hours charges!) with a GA (I think that means general anaesthethic) stiches in her leg which had been bitten through to the bone and a hefty £198 vet bill! I hear the beastly beasts have had a bit of a falling out but I assume it wasn't over top bitch position which ours was! No offence Monty! Didn't keep her off her feet for long though, about a week and she was back on the dogrun.

Then we have had birthdays! Jason was 21 on Friday 26th May so they very inconsiderately had a large party down the Stable Bar where he works. However we did have some nice ham out of it the next day, not the same as lasagne though. As ALL the family were down, Mummy cooked breakfast for 14 the morning after the party, good going with someone with a hangover! They then cooked Sat and Sunday so we had lots of remnants and then it was Dad's birthday on Tuesday so we had a barbeque and met the new visitors Phyllis, Mo and Pat who have five lovely whippets (I see them out the window but haven't met them) and Dave and Wendy and their boys who bought their greyhound Katrina round to the barbeque and very beautiful she was too.

Anyway, apparently Mum and Dad have to go away the weekend as Dad's best mate is getting married on Saturday and Dad's auntie (who was 97) died the night after Jason's birthday so the funeral is on Monday in North Wales. So as you can see after all this activity I haven't had a chance to put paw to keybooard!!

Still haven't told you about Madam's visit ( sounds like something off a sex chatline!) in fact her name is Lady-Belle and she is Hestia's sister. Will tell you all in my next missive as it's time for the evening dogrun.

Have some funny sleeping positions for Luce when I can get Mum to upload the photo's, she is soooo slow! Will post some photo's soon.

Trying to keep GOOD for the weekend alone with Jason, heee heee heee.............

Waj x