Sunday, February 01, 2009

Mud, glorious mud!

Well, g'day folks,

In the words of the great Rolf Harris, can ya tell what it is yet? Yes, you're right it's mud and this weeks funny tale comes from the great valley of mud, which I'll recount in a bit!
Anyway, due to the recent inclement weather our normal dogrun path looks a bit like this..........

We dogs do try and hop round the side, we're not so keen in wading in cold murky water unless the weathers warm, yuk!

Of course the whippets don't do water either, Phoebe counts as an honorary whippet now, as she don't like it either! "Let's sneak round the edge of it Faith!"

Lucy looks aghast at the thought of dirtying her paws as she knows they will have to be washed before she's allowed in the bed again! "Oh woe is me!"

Anyway, onto the funny story of the week which happened yesterday when Mum took us out on the Dogrun. Now in the last few months, Dad has been walking us, as he is now home being officially "self employed." Yesterday though, he went with Uncle Paul to the official opening game of the Llanelli Scarlets in their new stadium, rugby being one of his passions. This meant that Mum had to do the Dogrun!
So, she puts on her new snowboots, welly at the bottom and all fur lined and off we all trot down the valley. Well the valley is in a worse state than the footpath and as we traversing one of the paths down goes the welly into the mud, not far from the place where Anty Lisa lost her Croc's by sinking in the mud and had to wash them off in the stream, but that's another story!
Anyway, there she is cursing and hopping but couldn't get a purchase with the other foot to pull the other one out. If dogs could laugh out loud, we'd have been crying it was sooo funny! Eventually after about ten minutes (which is a long time when you're stuck) with a bit of ingenuity and the help of a stone she managed to free herself without taking a mudbath!
I must say roll on the summer it will be great to have things dry again. Things are very quiet here at the moment as we haven't had any visitors in over the last three weeks, so Mum and Dad decided to have an away day in Bridgend and go shopping. Following recommendations from a couple of workmates, they stayed in this's called Bryn Garw Country Park.

Looks nice doesn't it? Well they are doing special offers £32.50 each for a midweek stay or £35.00 for a Friday and Saturday, this includes a three course meal which if you include the appetiser and palate cleansing sorbet in the middle was actually a five course, overnight stay, and full welsh breakfast! Well, apparently it was fantastic, great food and extremely good value. Think they may go again.
Anyway, that's all for now, will try and get some photo's of the new four legged arrival and post them next time and no, it's not another dog. Keep guessing!
Catch you later, Waj x