Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The News and no photos!

Well, it appears this will be my first ever blog without photo’s! Me muvver and I have been trying for weeks to be able to load up photo’s onto blogger. Every time we try and it looks like it’s going to happen, then we get the old error message! It even threw Uncle Chris (of the Beastly Beasts) who was down in April. We can’t even find a number to contact Google on to see if it’s something to do with my blog, as we’ve now tried it from three different computers, so it isn’t the software! Looks like we may have to wait till end of May for Uncle Matt!

This of course means I can’t show you the photo’s from Crufts! Mum, Dad and Jason all took their turns this year, mum doing the Friday and Saturday and from there going straight to Coventry to a 50th birthday which was the last of the three cousins. See me muvvers, muvver had two sisters and they were all pregnant at the same time, each one having a baby girl a couple of months after the other. My muvver Carol is the eldest as she had her 50th in October, Anty Chris was next in January and Anty Caron was the last one in March. It was held in a pub called the Oak in Baggington, which is important to note as it is DOG FRIENDLY! There were a few people staying there who were attending Crufts and their dogs were allowed in the bedrooms, sooo civilised! Dogs were even allowed in the restaurant, the food for the humans was good too! This is a link to the website http://www.booking.com/hotel/gb/the-oak-coventry.en.html?aid=311076;label=the-oak-coventry-x*ErfmsM3uAMvs2u1z296QS3368418810;ws=&gclid=CIDQ7LrgpZoCFQdN5QodvkYN8w

Then Easter came and went and in between had friends/new guests down including Anty Lisa from Gap. In true Gap spirit they all celebrated to excess and as usual decided it was a good time to go for a midnight swim. The photo’s had to be taken in double quick time just to prove they were brave, no stupid enough to get in as it was less than 19 degrees, then a couple more leisurely snaps in the hot top curing their hyperthermia with another bottle of wine. They’re all maaaad! Perhaps it’s as well you missed those photos but they are on Face book, so the rest of the country already has!

After months of not going to the beach cos it’s too cold, we’re too busy, its winter etc yours truly has now been to the beach twice in two weeks! I went a week last Monday on me own as Dad is trying to get me weight down. It appears since I went to sleep at the vets last year, I have become very porky. Dad keeps poking me in the ribs, well at least the place where he could normally feel the ribs and calling me fat! What a cheek! Anyway, it has meant I have been going out and having more exercise. Sooo, after going out on my own last week to the beach (cos dad can’t manage seven, he’s a wimp), this morning I went with the Hairy Bear and we had a good play in the sea!

Mum and Dad’s wedding Anniversary came and went too, they took the usual snaps at Mykonos, the Greek restaurant in Tenby and had a fantastic meal, while we had to make do with the leftovers from the weekly dinner, it was ok though ‘cos I had my favourite lasagne! They then went for a pamper day at a place called Lamphey Court Hotel, which included entry to the spa, pool and sauna, followed by lunch, followed by a “treatment”. Not sure that I would personally care for a “treatment” myself, last time I had one it was at the vets! Dad had a neck, back and shoulder massage (I probably wouldn’t have minded that) but Mum had an Indian head massage, lucky they didn’t scalp her then, hee hee. The therapist said it might make her feel drowsy afterwards; well it must have cos she lay on the bed with those dratted whippets at about 4pm and slept for two hours!!

On a sadder note, I lost some of me fevery angels this morning as we suffered a fox attack in the night. It appeared to get in under a tiny bit of wire by the end of the stable where the ducks sleep and of course the ducks that night happened to be out in the garden, as Dad had forgot to lock them in! Cos it was raining so hard, no one heard a thing, not even us dogs, but the fox had managed to kill three, attack a fourth and managed to drag one of the carcasses off completely , which is no mean feat as those Aylesbury ducks are HUGE! So from so from six we are down to three and one of them might not make it, will keep you posted! It’s such a shame as they were all laying well and we dogs were having a couple of eggs a day in with our meat, even though it probably wasn’t helping my waistline cos they were delicious!

Anyway, that’s bought you all up to date folks and sending luurve to me black minxy Bella, who came to dinner on Sunday and the piratical Florence O’Sossidge who I wasn’t allowed to meet, but could look longing down on from the window while she was meeting Pasha the JRT in our yard. What a vision of hairyness she was too! :-)Hi to all the humans that have bin too, nice to meet you all and thank you for the scraps! Speak soon.

Love Waj x