Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's a horse of course!

Hiya folks,

As promised, here are some pictures of our new arrival! Some of you will already recognise Gizmo who is Andy's sports horse, otherwise known as Traveller's Tale, here he is.......

He lives permanently on the farm, but last winter he had a companion from the local riding school who loan out their ponies, she was called Queen Bee and here she is, being ridden by Lisa's son Jack!
Here's Gizmo with Andy and Queen Bee with Jack's friend Josh going for it down the lane!.

Anyway, Queen Bee had to go back to the riding school at East Nolton where she lives, and Gizmo got very upset, so we had to find him another friend. Soooo, along came Callie who is on permanent loan and also has the same name as Andy's dog! Here she is with Dad aboard and Mum getting on a horse for the first time in about a year and a half. Took a bit of pushing and pulling to get her up there but once she was up, she was ok!
Callie is a Irish draught cross thoroughbred whatever that means, not really being into horses myself apart from eyeing them up as potential dinner!
Anyhow, they are out of my way at the moment as they are holidaying in the Four Acre paddock for a short time, that means that Andy has to go down twice a day to check rugs and feed etc. Well last week there was a lady called Cheryl there whose birthday it was, she had two dogs Charlie and Dexter who came to dinner. I wasn't allowed to growl at them and had to stay upstairs out of the way, spoilsports!! Anyway, Andy managed to cadge some meals as Cheryl was really nice and fed him. He's a lucky so and so!

Talking about visitors, here are the half term lot who all went to the Chinese, there was Donna, Steve and their five kids, yoo hoo, thanks for the photo!! Towards the end of the photo there's Gary and Karen who were in the caravan, they bought seven dogs, two cats, a rabbit, a hamster and a goldfish! Good job I didn't see the rabbit or the cats, although I gets on with our cat, that's because it is part of our pack, I don't like other peoples and neither do the whippeties!
Then there was Lisa, Joe and Karen, Karen being my dog groomer didn't have to do much this time as I had been "done" in November when they came before. Just a facial trim this time and me undercarriage was left well alone! Good! Then there's Andy, Alaistair, Liz and Malcolm who were in Dumpledale. Liz took some absolutely fab-uuu-lous photo's while she was down here's a link to them (I hope!)

Good job the weather's getting better as it's a bit of a squeeze on the bed to lie in the sun at the moment!
Anyway, that's all for now, catch up with you soon.
Waj x