Friday, March 23, 2007


Well folks, how was Crufts for you? Very inconvenient here if you ask me! Late dinners, short walks and everybody running around like loonies!

Our Crufts event usually starts on the Wednesday. Dad takes the Whippet Rescue stall up to Crufts in the van with Auntie Llyn Chapman who is the stall organiser. While she is out for the day, Mum has to look after her 11 dogs as well as us! This involves running back and forth between Wiston which is about 11 miles away from us. Firstly letting Llyn's dogs out for a wee and giving Luke his morning tablet. Back to us to make sure Lucy isn't eating anything she shouldn't. Back to Wiston for feeding time at 1pm and letting out again. Back to us for our afternoon walk and feeding, then back to Wiston to sit with the others as they are not used to being left like we are! Well that was Wednesday!
Thursday is the first day of Crufts, relatively normal as Dad is back and Mum heads off to Birmingham at lunchtime. Auntie Llyn is home too, as the volunteers are manning the stall, so her dogs are ok too.
Friday pretty normal too, except for both Jason and Mum being away. This is inconvenient in the fact that those dogs normally sleeping in Jason's bed (Lucy, Poppy and Kish mainly) want to sleep with Dad instead! He is not impressed with this, but consents to Lucy in his bed finding it preferable to being kept awake all night by her scratching on the bedroom door and jumping up trying to undo the door handle!
Saturday (being hound day) Auntie Llyn goes back to Crufts. Mum is already up there to work, meaning Dad now has the pleasure of traipsing between the two lots of dogs! Mum doesn't get back till about 8pm, as they were very busy on the stall, so, we are all pleased to see her until we realise she is going out again to stay overnight with those others dogs! Jason gets back home about 6am Sunday morning so Lucy and Kish breathe a sigh of relief as they can now get into bed with Jason!
Sunday, Dad and Andy set off early for Crufts in the van to bring the stall back later. This time Mum doesn't have to go back and forth to Wiston as Jason is home with us and we also entertain three of Andy's dogs for the day, Hugo, Zara and Calvin. Magic and Rocket stay with Auntie Chris (who till recently had Tara), so all is well. By Sunday night everyone is back in their own bed and sighs of relief are heard all round. Before I tell you the funny story of the weekend, here's the Crufts purchases for this year!

Lucy's new coat...........................................
Hmm. looking at that I'm pleased Mum didn't bring ME anything!

Phoebe's new collar..............................................................
That is actually quite attractive!
Onto Mum's new model..................................................
Yes quite like that as well, it's just the coat that's a bit dodgy!
Now onto the funny story of the Cruft's weekend, well Mum didn't find it funny at the time, everyone else thought it was hilarious!

Mum gets home 8pm dog tired from two days standing on the whippet rescue stall, copious amounts of shopping and a four hour drive home. As I have mentioned, Dad had previously been over to Wiston, giving Luke his evening tablet and leaving about 7.30pm. Mum has a quick shower at home, then heads over to Wiston about 10pm. Auntie Llyn phones Mum just before she gets to Wiston so Mum pulls over into a lay-by to speak to her, Auntie Llyn then turns her phone off (remember this for later!). Mum gets in to find that among the 10 counter surfing whippets, one has had a bag of sugar off the worksurface, pulled it on to the floor and eaten half of it, apparently without letting the others have any! He had then thrown up on the mat, a sort of glutinous mucous slime!
While Mum is clearing the sugar up, not even having got on to the first lot of vomit, he pukes up again all over the big dog bed which at least three of them usually sleep! While this melee is going on, Gigi one of the older infirm, knocks the water bowl over in the hall (with 11 dogs it is a very large water bowl) so now we have two lots of sick and a flood. Mum then discovers that someone else had pee'd on one of the other dog beds! By the time she had cleared the water, vacuumed the sugar up and removed the two lots of sick, he threw up again!

At this point, you can sort of imagine the state of mind! Dog tired, three lots of vomit cleared, sugar vacuumed, flood mopped up and soiled bedding removed, it is time to feed them. The sugar culprit at this time is salivating madly and groaning a bit, so it was obvious he was suffering from his sugary overindulgence! Mum thinks she will phone Auntie Llyn to see what she should do, either starve him, phone the vet or give him his dinner! But as you already know, Auntie Llyn has turned her phone off! So, she decides to give him his dinner and hope for the best. This seems to work and all settle down happily waiting for Mum to go to bed so they can accompany her! Are you ready for the end of the story? What else could possibly go wrong?
Well, naturally Mum thinks by this time she really deserves a glass of wine before bed so gets out a bottle of sparkling rose she has brought from home. Out pops the cork and the wine explodes out of the bottle all down the table and onto the just cleaned floor! I think the air was blue....................................
Finally, talking about overindulgence, what do you reckon to this?
She's such a case isn't she? Good job playing with Phoebs all day is keeping the weight off a bit!
Have been in contact this week with my long lost brother in Hartlepool. Apparently he looks just like me, devilishly handsome then! He said he will send me some pictures so we shall soon see.
That's all from the Cruft's report, catch you all later!
Waj x