Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mum's on the radio!

Well, apparently Mum is going to be famous again this week! She was briefly famous once some years ago when she was job shadowed by the BBC and was in the "Money Programme!"

Anyway, because our business has reached the finals of the Pembrokeshire Business Awards, Tourism Category, she was interviewed for radio on Monday and was filmed on Tuesday! They also filmed some of the guests including Penny the lurcher who came with her humans Clive and Raynah and also Linus and gang from the caravan who came with their humans, Colin, Lynne and Jackie.

The radio interview is going to be on one morning next week between 9am to 10am on the At work network on Radio Pembrokeshire, here is the link Some of you may be able to listen to it over the Internet if you want to! There is also going to be a piece in the local paper! The winners of the category will be announced at a presentation ceremony on 22nd November at Folly Farm. I think I should go, as I'm definitely the star that everyone comes here to see, now what did I do with that black tie?......................................... Anyway fingers crossed for them as it's a £500 first prize and Mum has promised us some pigs ears if we win!
We had our usual dinner last week, I took a bit of a fancy to Lynne and gave her the old eyeball first....................................................
Ooooh, I love it when she tickles me there...................................................
We also had Lucky and gang in Dumpledale with their humans, their Mum is Annyetta who is Agilitymad on the Refuge. Anyway, that's all the news for now, if we find out which day Mums going to be on, we'll let you now.
Waj x

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Holiday-Dog Blog

Hello, my name for Waj's blog purposes is HD short for Holiday-Dog. I have many names and different Mum's and Dad's, for last week I borrowed Waljan's who I called WM (Waljan's Mum) and WD (Waljan's Dad. Here I am..........................................
This is the beach where I go most days, this is in Pefkos in Rhodes..........
These are the Martina apartments I visit............................. This is the diary that I kept last week.
Wednesday: WM and WD arrived. I was outside in the gardens sleeping off a dinner and they made a fuss of me and told me about Waljan and his friends back home in Britain. Sounds very cold to me. Brrrrr....
Thursday:doing my afternoon rounds, they offered me some biscuits, which I buried for later on in the year, biscuits are not my favourite! I then followed them in and had a sleep on the sofa........................
And a little roach..................apparently hound dogs do this WM tells me.
They then went out for dinner here they are................ so I waited for them on the patio............... When they came back WD bought a meat kebab which he shared with me. During the night I slept on the patio again and in the morning the airer with WM's washing was all over the floor. She thought I had run into the airer in the dark and being frightened ran away with it. That was until the note was pushed under the door.
Hi, Sorry to trouble you. The dog attacked your washing line and ran off with a top. I have put them back outside you room, everything has been on the floor. Am in the room above you, regards Wendy. Oh dear caught out! Hee, hee it was fun though!
Friday: We had breakfast and I walked to the beach with them, as soon as they went in the sea I went off on my rounds. I came back later and followed them back to the apartments but got sidetracked by a woman feeding those darned cats.
I then adopted that couple for the evening............................
Saturday: I didn't visit at all which is a shame 'cos they'd saved me some kebab.
Sunday: I had Saturday's kebab with some milk for breakfast.
Monday: they saw me briefly but I went off on my rounds again after being given a biscuits by another couple in the snack bar which I left. Told you I wasn't keen on biscuits!
Tuesday and Wednesday: Sadly I didn't see them again as our going out times crossed so thank you Waj for letting me post on your blog and lending me your Mum and Dad briefly.
WM hopes I have a home somewhere and I will get looked after during the winter, but that is my secret. I am a friendly fellow and have stashed food around just in case. WM told Sergios to look after me and she will come and see me next year. He said "no problem" so we shall see.
All the best to you all, HD

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Gallivanting again!

Well, here we are again with another month gone by! Mum and Dad have been gallivanting off to the Midlands this time as it was Grace and Paddy's human's 50th birthday party. Sorry for publishing your age Auntie Sue! Hee hee! Apparently, Mum embarrassed herself performing on the stage and Uncle Matthew filmed it all on his phone and threatened to put it on the blog so we can all have a laugh, I can't wait! While we are waiting for the incriminating video, here are some photo's of my humans in Rome, taken on Dad's phone as Mum left the camera at home, silly woman!
Dad in one of the churches.............................
That ceiling is certainly tall enough for him!

Dad's fountain (you remember, the Trevi fountain hee hee!)
As you can see, Mum actually went this time 'cos here's her photo by another fountain but she can't remember what it was called!

Anyway, less of them traipsing about all over the place, lets get back to the visitors. We have met lots more nice people since my last post, but the wildest week has to go to Auntie Lisa from Gap! During that week, there was a couple of nights Mum can't even remember getting to bed apparently!
On the last night before Auntie Lisa went home it was her birthday. We (that's me and the girls) were all sitting on our window ledge watching the antics. Firstly they all go over to Swallow's Dance and sink copius amounts of cider, wine and beer. Then they all decide to have a midnight swim and end up absolutely paraletic in the jacuzzi at about half past one! There were seven of them all together getting into the jacuzzi and from where we were, we could hear all the water plopping out over the top as they all got in together! They're a mad lot!
We currently have the Beastly Beasts staying and if you want to read their holiday file, Beastbreak at Swallow's Dance, click this link: I hope that'll work!
I am waiting to be properly introduced to Lucy, she's soooo gorgeous. Rosie looks nice too and just my size! Anyway, hopefully we'll have some more pictures by the end of the week as it is Mum's birfday Thursday and we're partying again, oh well at least we get the leftovers!
Catch you all later then, it's about time for supper!
Waj x