Friday, December 23, 2005


Hi Folks,Waj here,

The current news from the farm is SLURRY! Apparently about this time of year the ground gets sprayed with lots of muck as it's good for the grass. Well it certainly clings to one's fur anyway! We all had to be washed yesterday when we came back from the dogrun, some of us were just washed off but I (as I had a lot more on me than anyone else) had to have a full shower with shampoo and all. Yuk! Still I had a good shake after and managed to shower Dad back, I also covered the bathroom at the same time!

Apparently it is Christmas on Sunday (whatever that is), Auntie Corinne says that Santa Paws will come in the night with some presents for me. Sounds good, as I've had another two shoes this week which I've been told off for. Can't think what the problem is myself I only restyle one at a time! Mummy was very miffed though as I had her comfortable sandals, well they looked a bit old and worn to me so I didn't think she'd mind. I've also hidden one of her walking boots, in fact I've hidden it so well I can't remember where I put it................hmmm, where did it go?

Also I would like to say a big "THANK YOU" for the loverley "Christmas" cards you have sent me. Lots of nice greyhound and whippety ones and a special one with ME on the front from Kate, Gareth Mr. Mac and Sophie the greyhounds! I'm so handsome!

Our new(er) Rover car has arrived from Durham and Mummy says she will take us to the beach sometime over the weekend. Hurray!

Oh well, time for a snooze I think (if there's room on Jason's bed!)

Have a great Christmas, Waj x

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Ho, ho ho, Merry Christmas to you all from Santa Waj. What do you think of the hat then?

Can't believe it's been three weeks since my last entry, Mum and Dad have been spending HOURS on the computer looking for a new car, well not exactly a new car, lets say a different one! Some of you may know that the day before Mummy and Daddy were due to go to Cyprus in October, young (boy racer) Jason had put his own car into the garage to have it sprayed.

As he had to go to work on the Monday night, he took Mummy's nice 2.0 Rover instead. Big mistake! He spun it round in the road on the bend just before the Stable Bar, hit the bank and wrote it off! Good job he was ok, but they were then out of transport to get to Bristol the next day! The air was blue, I can tell you! So, he had to get his own car out of the garage (where it had been stripped down for respray) and put it all back together again!

Anyway, since then, they have been trawling car sites for another car and finally bought one off Ebay in Durham of all places, not far from my hometown of Hartlepool. Dad went up to fetch it yesterday and is arriving back home this afternoon. It is a hatchback luckily so we will all be able to go to the beach again soon. Yippee!

I'm a bit in Mummy's bad books this weekend as after ignoring the ducks that live in the garden for the past six months, I suddenly discovered they move a lot faster when you chase them! Great fun it was too, until Mummy came and shouted at me. Spoilsport!

Anyway, I'd just like to wish everyone a happy Christmas, speak soon, Waj x