Sunday, October 07, 2012

Donna's grand day out and now we are nine!

Hi Folks,
 Donna here with Mr. P's permission to tell you about what happened to me about three weeks ago. Some of you will know the big valley that is in the fields at the back of the farm, and most days we walk down there and there are lots of loverly smells.Well normally we go on the dogrun as MrP calls it around 2 to 3 in the afternoon, however this day was different. Firstly Mum and Dad disappeared about 11.30 in the morning to go and get some new furniture for our log cabin. They were out longer than they thought, so Mum phoned young Jason to ask him to take us out when he got home.
Jason was then late home himself, so we didn't get out of the house till about quarter to five. By this time everyone is a bit over excitable and Mr. P tries to eat Kish, Blitz tries to eat me and Denver and Phoenix do a lot of barking (I will tell you about them later!). So off we go out over the fields and take off like the wind. Well by this time in the evening there are lots of nice rabbity smells and also a rather exciting fox scent that we went off chasing. Consequently when Jason got back with the others Blitz, Lucy and I were still out in the Woods chasing things. Well, when Mum and Dad got home at 6pm, we were all still missing and as it was Wednesday night, they were all due to have dinner with the visitors at the Cottage Inn leaving at 7.15.

Well Dad was out for an hour looking for us on the quad bike, we could hear him but were having too much fun to come back. Blitz though, (who is always a bit of a wuss) decided he had had enough and wanted his tea so arrived back at the farm at about 7. Dad decided to stay on the farm and keep looking for us as we had been gone two and a half hours by then, so Mum went down with the visitors and they all ordered their dinners.
Blitz arriving for tea!
  By this time Lucy and I had crossed the valley and were up near the road to Llangwm, but nobody knew we were there. Some people then spotted us by the road and called a man they knew who had pointy dogs like us, and he came out to try and catch us. Lucy who is a bit wary of people, decided she wasn't up for catching, so left me and started back for home. She arrived home about 7.45 so by then with Jason under strict instructions to keep looking for me (as they guessed I wouldn't be long after Lucy) Dad joined the crowd at the pub.
When Mum had arrived at the pub, Matt the landlord had asked where Trevor was and she told him that Lucy and I were missing and he was out looking. When Dad arrived at the pub, he told Matt that Lucy had returned but they were still one missing! Soooo, where was I all this time? Well I had been caught by the nice man, put in his car and he was still driving about looking for the whippet! He didn't think I had a tag on, as I don't have a tag that dangles from the collar. I have one of these that threads through the collar, you can see it if you look carefully, it has our contact numbers and also the number of the V.E.T.
 Well after driving round for several minutes, the nice man decided to go to the pub in the village to ask if they knew if anyone had lost a dog, what a coincidence eh? Matt of course said yes and I was reunited with my humans in the restaurant. Sooo, what did I get for running off and making everyone worry? A couple of bits of gammon off a nice lady called Vonnie, some sausages from her daughter Ali, some potatoes and some left over ice cream! What a nice end to my adventure! However I don't run so far away from home now as it was a bit scary at times.
Anyway, earlier on I did say I was going to tell you about Denver and Phoenix. Well some weeks ago Rachel came to stay with us. Rachel is Jason's girl friend and she has two dogs which we thought were brown collies but in fact they are a breed called Australian shepherds. This is Denver..............................
and this is Phoenix............................................
They have fitted in quite well although there has been a couple of spats between Kish and Denver and Mr. P and Denver! But we are all working on it and we are all OK mostly.
Mum and Dad are nearly ready to move and had the heating connected up yesterday so its just the fence to finish. It was Mum's birthday on Thursday and at 7.30am she had to go outside to the log cabin as Dad had a surprise for her which was thi,s a lovely garden swing.....................................
Mums garden swing

They were then swinging on the decking, watching the sun come up, and a skein of geese flew past about 10ft above their heads! Lovely start to the morning, though I like chasing birds too!
Here's the log cabin with its new decking..................................................
 A week last Wednesday, the lady whose farm we were born on came to see us, that was exciting and on the Sunday we went to the beach with Mr P. This time it was a beach called Freshwater West, where Mr P tells me Jason was filmed doing the story of Robin Hood.......................................
Walking by the sea

Me and Mr P

 Finally thanks to a nice lady called Jayne who came to stay in June, she has some nice photo's of Blitz and I in action, here's a shot of us playing..........................................
Check out my teeth Bro!
and Blitz in the garden............................................
Mister Blitz
Mr P
 Well thats all the news for now, Mr P is having a rest on the bed ready for the dogrun soon and here's a funny picture of me with me tongue hanging out hee, hee..................
Anyway, that's all the news for now, I'm sure Mr P will be back next time with an update, catch you all later!

Donna the donkey x
PS that's my new nickname!