Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The trouble with Beattie!

Hi Folks,
Many thanks to Madz for keeping you somewhat updated, due to the trouble with Beattie. Current news is that they are going to have to dig the field up to put a new cable down, that should be fun! So, as we have now been without an Internet service since 17th October, my humans gave up and bought me a "tablet". Now, these are not things for shoving down your throat, artfully disguised in a piece of cheese or chicken, oh no, this is a real mini computer which I can balance on the table to type! I can even do touch screen typing with my paw! We also have a pointer, no not one of them German breeds, but something which means we can now get on the winternettle (thanks Madz I thought it was the internet!) thing again! So here I am and now I can wish you all a belated Happy New Year and look forward to seeing many of you this year and maybe next year too, as I hear bookings are now being taken!

Anyway, things have been busy since just before Christmas here on the farm. As some of you already know Dad had an operation on his back on the 18th December and that meant he was out of action for six weeks. Ha, I hear you say, Dad out of action? That was never going to happen was it? Well in he went on the morning of the 18th had the op at 9.30am. All apparently went according to plan, but by five o'clock that evening he was feeling peckish as the nurse had only let him have toast. The evening meal wasn't wasn't very filling, so by 6.30 he was hungry again. One phone call later, and Mum has to make an unscheduled stop to McDonald's to get him a big mac meal! By the next day he was home with strict instructions not to do anything.

So us dogs wouldn't knock his wound, he was banished to the spare bedroom, while Mother had all us dogs in the bedroom with her. That was fun, especially when we could pin her in the bedclothes with me and the gruesome twosome either side! As he wasn't allowed to lift or bend, Mum had to take time off work to nurse him and we had to have some special gadgets.  Firstly there was the raised chair but Blitz didn't quite fit....at this point I would have posted the photo of Blitz in the chair, but sadly my blog is coming up with an error message that won't let me post photo's so dear readers you will have to wait until after Crufts which will soon be upon us!

Then there was the thing with the sponge on which Donna liked, it was basically a sponge on a stick so Dad could wash his legs without bending down. Ingenious, especially the way the sponge disintegrated into loads of little pieces! Then there was the grabber, which he kept grabbing mother with, hee hee! Finally there was the hook on a stick for pulling clothes on with oh and not forgetting the raised loo, which meant we couldn't get our head down the toilet to drink. Not that we would do that of course we are all too refined! LOL

His recovery progressed quickly and by the second week we were having trips to the beach and Dad was walking well. Christmas holidays saw us all tucked in with a bit of snow, but more rain and more fun was had at the New Year party with relations and friends including the lovely Jones family who have whippeties like Lucy, or perhaps not quite like Lucy as she's naughty!  Anyhow, the three weeks holiday Mum had taken came to an end and she started back to work on 7th January. By this time we had all sort of got used to Mum walking us in the morning, in the afternoon and at night, Mum doing our food and Dad's food, sleeping in the bedroom with her and having her home all the time, so for some, it was a bit of a shock her going back to work, mainly for Phoebe as she follows Mum everywhere!

Anyhow, that's all the news from the farm at the moment, hopefully when I've mastered my tablet, I'll be back on a more regular basis. Looking forward to next week as the half term crowd are down and we'll get to see Madz and friends again, no doubt all the humans will be partying too! Maybe we'll get some leftovers, hopefully some lasagne, I luuurve lasagne! Ha, since I typed that the half term gang have come and gone but I DID get some lasagne. Yippee!!!

Catch you later

Waj x