Sunday, January 21, 2007

Now we are seven and Phoebs goes to the beach!

Hi Folks,
How are you enjoying the winds? Firstly, the main news since the New Year, was that the older lady Tara who came with Phoebe in November has gone to stay with Mum's cousin Auntie Chris. After knocking her flying twice in our mad chasing games and making her limp, Mummy arranged for her to go and stay with Chris for a bit. Chris lost her own dog a couple of years ago and hadn't had another one, but she has now! It is on a trial basis first anyway, so fingers crossed she gets on ok 'cos she didn't half get in my way when we were out running!

Anyway, talking about chasing games, we went to the beach yesterday with Phoebe and it was obviously her first time as she didn't know what to do! Anyway, here are some photo's of the gang on the sand!

It's a bit breezy as you can see.................

It plays havoc with your fur!

Phoebe stayed close to Dad to start with.........................

so Bear and I showed her what to do.

She soon got the hang of it!

Then we went for a quick paddle!

Then Dad went over to the rocks...............why?

Cos he'd been watching me in the sea and missed a big wave coming up behind him which covered his legs and filled his wellies!............................Hee hee hee!

Then we all had a treat for coming back when called.

So all in all it was a good day, notice that I haven't mentioned Luce yet? Well on the way to the beach she puked up in the 4x4, which honked the car out. Oh dear, the smell of beefy biscuits half digested! She then shivered and shook on the beach when she wasn't running. Barked at everyone she saw and slavered and drooled all over the front seats when Mum and Dad popped into Tesco's! Phoebe on the other hand was as good as gold and up for the chasing games too.

Must say a quick Hi here to Joe and Karen, Boosboss and Bonniebird from the Refuge. They came to stay in January and lost the sunroof off the car on the way down. Then the airport lost their Americans friends luggage so they didn't have a very good start to their hols! Anyway, they must have liked it 'cos they're coming back in July (even though Mum did get Joe drunk on tequila and didn't make it to work herself next day!).

That's all for now folks, speak soon.

Waj x

Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Year and Christmas!

Hello readers and firstly can I wish you all a very happy New Year from all us dogs on the farm and from our humans to your humans! Did you all have a good Christmas?
We had an excellent Christmas Eve party with all the family. We met Shelley and Maria from Yorkshire, and Max and Tiny the greyhounds who came over with their humans, Claire and Alistair. They told us that they go on the White Lodge walks with our friends The Beastly Beasts. I also hear that the Beasts have become six! Check out Mr. Shagmeister and their Christmas piccies at It was great for us dogs ‘cos we had plenty of food left from Christmas Eve, yes you’ve guessed it my favourite lasagne!
Christmas day we just had ten to dinner so it was a bit quieter but we did all have turkey dinners and the next day and the next day! It doesn’t matter though ‘cos we all like turkey!
New Years eve was very quiet ‘cos all our humans went out to Paul and Caroline’s new house and they came back singing happily just after one and woke us all up to do a late night walk. Dad didn’t fall over this time though, must remember to tell you that story sometime!
Anyway, I digress. Thurday night we had Joan and Paul Jones over and their son Nigel, daughter in law Sharon and granddaughter Georgina. They have got five whippets one of which apparently went all the way to Poland with her human and won best of breed in the World Cup Show so well done to them!

Don’t think Luce would win anything as she’s become a bit porky over Christmas then Mum found out why! Oh yes, in Lucy's terms, "I can sees de kat deesh"

"Just tip it oop wiv me paw"

"Kleer de bottom of de deesh"
Let it go and no one knows you’ve had it excepting Mum who caught her at it with the camera! Thought the cat was getting through a lot of food!

So young pups beware eat too much cat food and this happen……………

Want to go upstairs but Mum has shut us in the conservatory as we’ve got muddy feet, wonder if I can get through here?

Well, I’m half way through but oh dear seem to have put a bit of weight on over the hips,

Help Mum I’m stuck!

Mum had to pull her out backwards!

Finally some Christmas shots................................Lucy's Christmas Cushion!

Lucy's "I'm looking sweet in a Christmas hat" shot.

Now Zara’s I'm looking sweet in a Christmas hat!

Finally for those of you who haven’t met her, please welcome Pocket Rocket, Andy’s planned minature agility dog. Known as Rocket she is a Jack Russell now about 16 weeks old, dressed in a most fetching Santa outfit but a bit on the big side!

That's all for now folks, time for tea!

Waj x