Friday, December 26, 2008

Catching up at Christmas!

Hello folks and a merry Christmas to you all, hope it was a good one for you! Oikes, has it really been that long since I posted? Well a lot's been happening since they came back off hols. Some more of our favourite guests came down, here they are on the beach! That's Karen front left, Tessa behind, Joe to the right and Simon at the back. You remember that in August Mum and Andy went to stay in London to go to Karen's wedding.

Here's Tessa at our place for dinner, meeting the other dinner party guest...............hee hee
that'll be Kish then!
Then, right out of the blue Mum and Dad swanned off on holiday AGAIN! There was nobody in any of the cottages week commencing 13th December, so they were thinking of going to a place called Centre Parcs which only caters for two dogs so no good for our gang then! As it happens a new place like Centre Parcs has opened up just outside of Haverfordwest, so as she was scanning the website saw they were doing special offers in December Monday to Friday for £99 for a one bedroom cottage! Keen to pick up a bargain they booked, so off they went on Monday 15th December to Bluestone all of 15 miles away! Here's Dad relaxing in the lounge.......
Here's the cottage they stayed in, the blue one facing Dad......................

Here's some of the houses in the village, you can see the lodges in the background. The accommodation apparently was fantastic, they swam in the blue lagoon every day and went to the health spa and did the thermal rooms. So all in all they had a very relaxing time while young Jason got up early and walked us in the mornings then went to work! However, by the Thursday he didn't have to get up as early as his firm made him redundant! Poor Jay is now one of the victims of the credit crunch they're all talking about, good job it hasn't affected us dogs yet!

Anyway, today being Boxing day, what would be on the top of your agenda? Go for a walk, watch a film, have a nice relaxing day? Not in this household as young Jason does the Boxing day swim! Who would want to go out in a chilly December day and throw yourself in the sea, they're all maaaad! Mum and Dad went to watch this time, but lost Jason in the crowds as they must have been over a thousand people there. Anyway here's the crowd on the beach.......................
Wow, that looks chilly.........Counting down to the run in!
The man in the middle of the photo behind the finger is Nick, who runs the Job centre where Mum works!
It was a nice sunny day though as the crowd dispersed!
Mum then decided she was going to get a new piccie of me for the blog so sneaked up and surprise me, don't I look surprised? Well I wasn't very impressed! ;-)

Finally my favourite Christmas piccie, which is now the screen saver on the computer! Hee, hee
What does she look like?
Anyway, that's all for now folks. Happy New Year to you all and look forward to seeing old friends and new in 2009!
Waj x