Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hi All,


Well, Waj is having some trouble getting on to the winternettle thingy. Apparently, someone called Beatie  is not playing ball. Which I really don’t understand, cos I lurve playing ball. So, I’ve been asked to jibber-jabber a bit.

Anyway, here goes! My name’s Maddie, or Mad for short and I’m one of the many visitors that bring my humans to Little Dumpledale Farm.  Me and my big sis Gyp came down in early November with our friends Birdie, Edie, Cameron, Darcey, Chevy & Jessica for one of our annual holidays. It’s great! We meet up with lots of other friends we’ve made here. Magic, Rocket, Zara & Radar as well as Charlie and Dougie who join us for great walks on the beaches. We have so much fun.

As do our people. However their idea of fun seems to be eating and drinking lots at things they call parties. This year was a bit special, as Carol & Trevor, the farm owners had moved into their new Log Cabin and decided to have a ‘Housewarming’, which again confuses me somewhat as we have a housewarming every day when the boiler kicks in a 7am. Still, if they want to celebrate the heating coming on, who am I to judge? But the humans enjoyed themselves doing what they do and having a special tour of what Carol calls ‘The biggest Sauna in the UK’. I didn’t think the log cabin was quite complete though, so got Joe, Karen, Simon, Inam , Tessa and even Andy to chip in together and buy them a housewarming pressie of a tree. Now, I ain’t one to complain normally, but soppy ol’ Trev put the blinking thing on top of a table on the deck! How’s a dog meant to pee on it a way up there? Silly fella!

Carol & Trevor had a great time showing off their new home to all their friends which as you can see from the pics is a really, really nice place! I think I might even stay there myself one day (I’m not counting the night I did at Trevs birthday party earlier in the year! Haha)



Some of the guests having a blast





Our Hosts






Hopefully, Waj will be back on line soon, but that’s not like being on a lead, again something to do with that Beatie character!

I’m going to sign off now, as I need to pee, but just want to extend my thanks again to Waj & Co for letting us have such a wonderful holiday. Before I do though, I just want to make a special mention of my friend Cameron the Scottie, who sadly passed away a few days after we got home. Gonna miss you Cammie!

Cameron 2000-2012


That’s all folks, much love

Madz xx