Monday, September 25, 2006

A mesige from lucy

Helo Lucy heer,
i hav borowd Waj's blog as i hav somting inpotent to say. Waj has bean teling evrywon how norty i am, but i am not norty at al and im shur he has had moor shoos then me any wey! and on the lazt subjekt of the roofe, I wuz havin a nois bit of xersiz and was njoyin miself when mumy maid me get dowen.
Any wey, i hav a mesige four Anty Gill who com with the Beasts who i lickd veri mutch. Furst Mumy said did u leve some pink fings? a jumpur and some undiwere? if so, shee wil send them bac with your carryer bag tidi.
On the subjekt of the carryer bag tidi, I hav a confeshun to mak. Mumy and dady went owt agayn this week so i fort i wuld unpak it four u. I tuk it in the gardin for a wile and made it a bit mudy. I fort i wuld save mi fwends a job.
Any wey mumy sed she wil wash it, witch was a bit of a wayst of tym four me az i fort it loked realy nicz as it wuz.
i mai wip his blog agen somtym, as i am a wipet! it wuz nicz talken tu youz al!
Lucy Lulu

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Cat on the hot tin roof (lucely speaking!)

Well what can that madam get up to next? Probably the title and the word "up" has given you a clue? Here is a picture of Kish on the edge of the jacuzzi.

As you can see it is quite a drop from the roof to the ground. The lean to part of the building runs on past the jacuzzi, over the conservatory and onto the tin roof covering the rest of the building. Well last week Mum is in the kitchen putting washing in the machine. Suddenly there is a loud thud, thud, thudding which sounds like the cat running across the conservatory roof. So Mum takes no notice, as the cat is often on the roof!

Next thing, the thudding starts again, so this time she goes out of the back door, looks up, and sees Luce running up and down the roof area!

Talk about panic! Thoughts of broken whippet limbs, head injuries and huge vets bills are all running through the mind, as Mum takes the stairs two at a time forgetting all about her operation!

As some of you will know, my bed is upstairs and next to it two windows which open out onto the lean to roof. Ususally the windows are kept open slightly to keep myself cool, being the hot sort of dog that I am. Luce had pushed the window open off the catch, edged through it onto the roof and then of course it had closed after her so she couldn't get back in! Luckily, Mum gets to the window and manages to call her back from the jacuzzi roof at the other end of the building and back in through the window again. Sighs of relief all round! Anyway, I'm sure she wouldn't have been stupid enough to jump, would she????

Anyway, just to finish off with, some photo's of The Beast Party which we had last week. Here's Kai's auntie Beryl playing the floozy to Monty who wasn't that interested I have to say!

Troy being his Dad's lapdog (which he does really well) and Kai. We are all sure that Bear and Kai are related somehow as even their white markings on the feet are the same! So he is now officially Beryl's nephew!

Finally one of Jack doing what he apparently has never done before, having a kip on a sofa! Perhaps he thought no one would notice him, if he couldn't see them!

We had a great party and broke the record of beasts in our house, it now stands at 18! All our guests bought humans as well. There was moi, Luce, Faith, Kish, Bear and Poppy with our Mum and Dad. Zara, Princess of Pembrokeshire, her consorts Calvin Canine and Hugo Bossonova and Black Magic the Welsh german shepherd with their human, Andy. Layla with her human Heidi and her sister Trudi. Max and Corky two German shepherds and their humans Kazz and Dave. Hi to you all, we all had a fun time and I'm glad all the humans behaved themselves!

Well that's all for now, until the next missive......

Waj x

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Beasts are here!

Hi all,

Well here it is, the first post on my new blog! Well it would have been earlier but after being hacked twice and the blog changed by Uncle Matthew I forgot the new password. How silly! Anyway, as you can see we are back up and running!
Talking about being back up and running, after about three weeks of this,

lounging about on Mum's bed during the day, she is now up and doing things again, which is pleasing everybody especially Dad who has willingly relinquished the cooking duties! Anyway good progress is being made in the recovery department I'm glad to say!

The big news of the week is the Beasts are staying! My mates Troy, Jack, Monty, Kai and the lovely Miss. Marple (I mean Maple!) are currently resident in Swallow's Dance. They have been to the beach and I have also shown them the walks round the farm which they have enjoyed. Last night Mum, Dad, Chris, Gill (the Beasts Mum and Dad) and Cass and Dave who are staying in the front farmhouse all went to the Stable Inn and a good time was had by all, judging by the state of them when they finally got home! Anyway for a full rundown of their stay, with all the photo's, log onto the Beastly Beast site

Now onto the Luce news of the week. Our little Madam has had a bad week! Usually the queen of stealth and cunning, she made two fatal errors of judgement in two days! The first one on being introduced to Gill and Chris in the garden, she attempts to extricate Gill's sunglasses from her hand to chew! Not a good move as it's a bit too obvious! Then, the following day, with Cass stranded in the jacuzzi, she attempts to remove Cass's flip flop from inside the jacuzzi to the garden past both Dave and Mum! Not clever at all. Anyway, both items were quickly removed from the offending mouth without damage! You wouldn't think butter would melt in this mouth though would you? Who me?

Finally a picture of Dad and me having a staring match...................

I won of course!

That's all for now, will report back soon!

Waj x