Friday, August 22, 2014

Now we are five - but in a good way!

Morning Folks,
As you can see by the title we are a dog down but not in any bad way. Phoebe now known as Princess Phoebe has gone to live with friends of Mum in Birmingham. I have spent many hours in the bedroom with Phoebe (it is my favourite spot!) and she often said she would lurrve to be an only dog, well at the end of July the Princess's wishes came true and was whisked away from all the pesky puppies to a life of luxury. Mum's friends Raynah and Clive needed a special dog as they have cats and chickens and also have to work, so the Princess was ideal. I'll let her tell you about it in her own words.
Phoebe's Blog
July 23rd 2014
SO, a few weeks ago I met some new people who said ‘Hey Pheobe, let us take you away from all this’ and they did, we went for a walk and didn’t take Pesky Fly and giggling Donna with us! Then last Sunday I said tata to Mum Carol and then Dad Trev put me in the van and we went on a loooooooong journey to a carpark in NotWales.  We met the people who took me for walks and I got in their car for another looooooooong journey. When we got to the other end I found there was a sofa and a bed and a chair and a footstool and a big fluffy duvet and some of those are my places to sleep (I’m working on the others.) 

So, apparently I’m going to live here. I’m going to be an only dog which for me is a Very Good Thing. The people are my new Mom and Dad and they’re also called Raynah and Clive. There’s an orange cat here who sometimes gives me funny looks and a black cat who doesn’t like me much but Mom Raynah says she’s just being stroppy and she’ll come in when she’s hungry. There are some chickens too.  Mom Raynah told me they’re ex batties but I think she’s made a mistake – they’re STILL batty!

I’ve been a bit picky about my food (I wouldn’t eat the lamb stuff and I turned my nose up at the rabbit flavour when it was out of the fridge) and I’ve been nicknamed Princess Peeby (which I quite like, it suits me) and everyone is amazed at my ability to tell the time because I have eaten my Bonio at midnight every single night.

There aren’t any children here (phew) but some came to visit and they were okay.  The smallest one (not too small) was really good at brushing me too.  There is a smaller one who’s going to come and meet me soon but I think I’ll try and avoid him till he’s bigger.

Anyway I’ve been awake for a long time, so I’m signing off there.  Night!
27th July 2014
Busy weekend!  Yesterday we went to a market and I saw this GREAT fluffy, squishy bed I liked, so guess what?  Princess Phoebe has a new bed.  Today we went to a fair, and I was a good girl but I wouldn’t have a drink even though it was really hot.  Mom and Dad bought burgers and I had a little bit, then when I went to the loo later Dad said I had a dodgy tummy so No More Burgers. The bed’s good though.  I’m going to spend a lot of time in it. I like it so much I even eat my Bonio in it and I’ve stopped waiting till midnight.
17th August 2014
I’m not very good at this diary/blogging lark – I sleep too much.  But SUCH a lot has happened.
I’ve met some more small people including  Orla who’s not even two and she smelt okay but not good enough to eat.  I’ve met another bigger girl called Isabelle who gave me cuddles.  I’ve got a new nanny as well who thinks I’m lovely and tells me I’m beautiful LOTS. She came to stay and house-sit when I went camping, which I’ll tell you about in a bit.
I made  a new friend who is a greyhound called Grace; she’s quiet and a bit antisocial so we got on well.
The grumpy cat has stopped sulking although she has biffed me once and turns her back in a very rude fashion when I’m in the room, but for some reason Mom and Dad think it’s a good thing that she comes in the house again. The other cat is just a weirdo. Far too orange for anything good to come of him.

I’m not being so fussy about my food now and I’m eating a lot more. I have been told ‘no’ a few times when I’ve fancied the cat food – it looks so tempting and yummy though!
Anyway, camping.  We went to a festival.  It was about an hour away in the car so I slept on the way and when we got there Dad put the tent up (and it was all flowery and pretty) and we sat around snuggling and stuff.  It was warm in the tent. We had a walk into a village and Mom bought me a pretty coloured rug to lie on.  Later, we went back to the tent and I got all dressed up in my hippy bandana thingy.  Lots of people stopped me to fuss me because I looked well cute.  There were other pointy nosed dogs on the field too and one was called Raffles and looked a bit like Blitzen.
In the afternoon we went on another field and Dad put up another little tent, just for me, and I slept in there while lots of music played.  We were there all afternoon and I was good, and then when it got a bit noisy for me in the evening we went back to the flowery tent.  Anyway, I think ll the excitement was a bit much for me because I couldn’t sleep even though I was cuddled right up to Mom, and in the morning I was a bit poorly and was sick.  It wasn’t anything real bad though and I felt better when I’d done it!  We had another walk and sat on a quieter field then went back to the flowery tent and Dad took it down and packed everything into the car.  We went and heard some more music then later we went home, and Nanny was there.  Mom and Dad were home that night but they went back to the festival the next day and I stayed home to make sure Nanny behaved herself. They were REALLY late back and I nearly weed myself with excitement when I heard the car pull up. It was a funny old weekend.
Today we went for a walk along the canal. Dad went to buy a sandwich and when he came back he’d bought a cream tea, which sounded weird but turned out to be sandwiches and cakes.  I had some ham sandwiches but didn’t like the cake. Mom says I’m odd. It rained a bit, and Dad was a bit freaked out when I walked really, really close to the edge of the towpath.  Hehe...

Anyhow, I’m ready for a sleep now, so nightynight, speak soon!
Princess Peeby x
So folks, it seems the Princess has fallen on her paws so to speak!
I still have things to tell you including about Fly's Flybally weekend in Anglesey, but that will have to wait till next time as Mum and Dad are busy packing for Flyball tournament number 2 which apparently they are going to tomorrow. Looks like we will have some peace from the pesky FLIP as Anty Chris is coming over to dog sit me, Donna and Blitz.
Speak to you all soon.
Waj x