Sunday, August 21, 2011

You, Me and a dog named Boo


"Can't they hear me?"......."Reading? Ohhh!"

"Ahem,, Hello everyone, I'm Gyp! I'm writing this very slowly, cos if you're like me, you probably can't read very fast!

Some of you may know me and some of you may not, although I find the second part of that statement hard to believe, as I do have a rather large personality, or is that mouth?

Anyway, I've been coming to Little Dumpledale for a few years with my family and friends, for our holidays and we love it! So much so, that we come at least twice a year. Ain't we lucky?

Each year we seem to add to our numbers and share the joy of the Dumpledale experience with even more of our friends, but sadly one of us won't be coming back again. At the end of May this year, my heart broke into a million pieces when my Boo passed away after a short illness. I'm 10 now and Boo and I had been together since I was just 1 years old. I loved Boo and Boo loved me, even if he didn't tell me often enough. It's going to be really strange coming back without my Boo, but he did send me a new little friend to show all our favourite places to and to keep me company. Her name's Maddie and I'll tell you more about her another time. So I'll be bringing her next time. I'm going to show her the window Boo loved sitting in and shouting at the horses from.

I'll show her the lane, the fields and the hedgerows where Boo and I played with all of our holiday friends. Boo really has left me a lot to do, but I know I'll be able to do him proud!

So many memories of me and my Boo of our fantastic times together at Little Dumpledale."

"Whoops! Thanks Waj for letting me yak a bit! x-mwah-x"