Sunday, July 01, 2012

High days and Holidays!

Well folks, so much has been happening here, I'm not sure where to begin so as the old saying goes "I'll begin at the beginning!
Firsly at the end of April, Mum and Dad had their 18th Wedding Anniversary which was spent as usual at the Greek Restaurant in Tenby, Mykonos.........................
Then we had Dad's big birthday over the jubilee weekend for which multiple friends and family were invited, all staying in the varoius cottages. As some of you may know, we have two marquees otherwise known as party tents and boy did they live up to their name! Saturday one of the tents was erected with help from all and as all the family were down, Mum cooked dinner for about 28 in the marquee.
Sunday she did beakfast for about 14 and the second tent was erected in the afternoon. Sunday night, the night of the party, they catered for just over 50 people, one tent for the food and the other for the dancing. They had a live band called Smoking Guns all the way from Aberystwyth and much fun was had by all, here's some of the photo's, shamlessly stolen from Anty Karen's FB page!

Mum and Anty Karen thankfully without her scissors to do me grooming!
Family and friends gathering

Max and Sandra

Catering ably done by young Jason and friend Rachel

Chris and Joe

Lisa and Karen

Andy riding Mustand Sally-it was hilarious

Apparently the poor little thing was found in a skip in London when Andy lived there so it's quite old!

Enjoying the night with a few drinks!

Dads amazing cake made by the lovely Ina Strauss
Boogeying on down

Well, there was so much food that us dogs lived on sausages, burgers and chicken wings for at least two days, no mean feat as there are seven of us! Breakfast was then served the next morning again in the marquee for about 30 and the tents were disassembled again with help. Thanks to all those who helped including Chris, Chris, Sharon, Georgina, Chuff, Alex, Amy, Bev, Hilary, Jason and Rachel and everyone else who made tea and kept them all going. Monday night, Mum wisely decided she had had enough of cooking, so they all repaired to the Cottage Inn in Llangwm, where about 24 of them enjoyed a nice meal. Thanks too to Matt, who doesn't usually cook on a Monday but opened specially for them!
Sooo, that being the birthday out of the way, Mum and Dad left on the Wednesday for a special birthday holiday at the Matina hotel in Pefkos, Rhodes their ususal haunt. Here are a few holiday pics
Ahh, the maid had a new way of sheet folding! Is that origami or something?

One of their favorite restaurants Tsambikos on the hill overlooking Pefkos

The view from the restaurant!

At the apartments

the beach where they spent time snorkelling

View from the boat trip
As they have been coming back to the same place for some years, Dad has always fancied going up in the little plane which flies out over Pefkos bay. This year thanks to the generousity of their friends Anty Wendy and Uncle John, Dad took to the skies as a special birthday treat. The runway is tiny, about the size of a football pitch and it literally takes off over the edge of a cliff and when landing has only a small space to stop before hitting a small taverna and the mountains behind. The funniest thing was, Dad had to go and get weighed before he flew as if he weighed more than 110kg, the plane apparently wouldn't stop in time on landing! Luckily he was well under!
bit of a squeeze! Well he is 6'5"

Chocks awayyyyy

Out over the bay!
Sooo, what we we dogs doing back at home? Well a bit of this
What do you mean who has had their nose in the cat litter tray?

Where did that Andrex puppy go?

Ooh err it's dark in here!
Well I think you're all probably photoed out now so I'll just leave you one of me on our way across the fields to the pub, where I think we're going this evening!
Catch you later!
Waj x