Monday, June 07, 2010

Waj's big nite out!

Aloe, Lucy ere, I az bean assed to tell youz all abowt Waljan’s big nite out, well it wazn’t so gud for him!
Everi nite dad taks Mr. P Wodge, az he calls him, Anty Faith and Poppy doodle out four a lait nite wallk use-ualy abowt 11.30. Feebs and I ar not aloud to go az we mayks the wyld life reely wyld! Well Dad cums in throo the gait wiv Mr. P and Poppy but Anty Faith (whoo iz goin a bit seen-ile) waz dawderling az usual. Soo, Dad goez to shut the chikens in ther little howse. When he cums bak, Anty Faith iz just cumin in threw the gait so he closes it behynd her and trotts off into the howse and potterz off too bed.
Wat he dident know waz that Mr. P had wonderd off bak into the farmyard threw the opan gait and waz moochin rownd the carrs. Everi one then gows off to bed and Mr. P iz left in the yard! Abowt 4.30 Mum getz up too go too the loo and herez sumone whynin outside, she chekks the rest of uz and realizes than Mr. P iz not in hiz bed. Ohh deer! Dad dident halve get a telling off I can tellz yoo! The wurst of it waz it waz raynin catz an dogz and Waj waz absolluterly drench-ed and shiverin so Mum had to dri him off befor he culd go to bed! Norty Dad did it to Anty Faith too sum tyme ago, you reguler reederz will probabbli remember.
Aniway, he iz non the wurse for hiz nite out, but wee thort it wuz funny!

Love Luce xxx

Hi folks,
I see that dratted whippet is on me blog again.
I am still shuddering from the shock of my outdoor experience I can tell you, I couldn’t believe it when he shut the gate on me! I tried to make them hear me too! Carley did apparently hear me about 2.00am, as I was doing my best “let me in you barstewards” whine as I was too polite to bark and wake the guests. She however just thought it was the dogs who were staying in the caravan, so didn’t come to investigate! So there I was, left standing in the rain for four and a half hours, not a pleasant experience I can tell you. Anyway, after I was let back in and got towelled dry by Mum, I snuck off to bed sulking. I am now first back at night, just in case!

Yours from a previously very sodden deerhound!

Waj x