Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Helloooo from Fly!

 Helloooo evryone, my name iz Fly and I iz the newest addition to the farm and many fink the cutest too!
I arrive home for the first time, just fitting in Daddies hand

I too was born on a farm like Anty Donna and Uncle Blitz but, I wuz actually inside a Stable in the dry. I spent me early life with my mom and five sisters and a bruvver, but my mom didn't want to feed us for very long as she hadn't got any milk and we had to make do wiv what our humans gave us which wuz pasta and gravy. On one morning we were all feeling hungry and we heard some one say that there was someone coming to see us. I had sort of got used to this now, as three of my sisters and me bruvver had already left the Stable wiv different humans, so I wondered if this time it was goin to be my turn.

I like sleeping!
When the people arrived and the three of us were let out of the stable, we tried our best to make an impression, as we were all quite friendly and eager to please, but, my two sisters let me down, as one did a really squitty poo and the other one went to eat it urghh!! But we were very hungry as it was 4.30 in the afternoon and we hadn't been fed since breakfast.
I could see the lady had come especially to see me, as my sisters were a blue and white colour and I was fawn and white, under all the dirt that iz! She made some remark on how small I wuz and how I might get squished by some "deerhounds", whatever they are and how she'd never seen a whippet that small in all her years of owning whippets, my heart sank as I thought I would never get chosen, I couldn't help being small. 
Anyway after what seemed like hours of dithering I got picked up and put inside a warm fleece coat, some bits of paper changed hands and I was off. My little heart was racing as I had never been far from the Stable before and I travelled to my new home in what Mr P calls the Scooby doo, some make of transport which wuz very cozy.
I didn't realise how smelly I wuz until I got to my new home and all the big dogs couldn't bear to sniff me, I had to have my first "bath" then got warm and dry in something called a towel. Lush! My new Mum then put her own coat in the wash as it was smelly too. Then came the enticing aromas of "FOOD" . I had chicken the first night, then mince, some milky stuff called lactol and food it seemed was coming on a regular basis every two hours.
I luv Anty Donna
 Next day I went to see Mr Shaun the vet who was very nice and gave me a look over and said some feeding up was in order and I had a vaccination which didn't hurt a bit cos Im tough! They weighed me on that day and I wuz 1.6 kg, that was Wednesday! On Sat I was snuffling a bit so back to see Mr Shaun and I had some antibiotics as I had perhaps bought some germs wiv me from the Stable. I was ok, but all my big kennel mates had what they call kennel cough and Mr P in particular was very poorly and had to see the vet late one night too. Anyhow I went back into the vet with Mr P on the Sunday and they weighed me again and I was 2.04kg which was very encouraging, now after 5 weeks I am over double in size and looking like a proper whippet!
Did I say I Luv Anty Donna?
  Since I have been here It has been quoted to me as per Anty Luce (who I never met that) "whippets don't have owners, they have staff". My new Mum seems to fit in with that adage as I get lifted down the decking steps, even though I can get up perfectly well. I eat when I like (or when I look hungry) I get milk on demand, I sleep in the bed and all the big dogs are my playmates apart from Anty Poppy who is grumpy and keeps pinching my toys and Mr P who is too old to play. My staff also go down to the pub each week so I get to go too. I also have my own day bed which I retire to when I needs sum peace and quiet.
 All in all I like my new life and look forward to endearing myself to many more of you blog readers soon.
Luv Fly x