Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday afternoon dogrun!

Hi folks,
As is was a nice day today and we had some sunshine, Mother took that camera thingy on our dogrun to take some photo's of the new arrivals. Firstly can I say we had a bit of a late start as Mum and Dad went to that thing they went to last year, called the Hunt Ball. This apparently involves drinking copius quantities of beer and wine, some live music and dancing. They then get home rather late, well after our bedtime anyway and Dad insists in taking us up the lane at 3am taking one step forward and two back! It's all quite entertaining actually and Mum didn't pass out this year till she got home and went to bed, being the correct place. Anyhow I digress, as I said we all had a lie in including Blitz who as you can see has fitted in with us all quite well, in fact it's like having a mini me!
Lucy doesn't want to be identified! But they don't mind sharing the bed.............................
Anyhow as I said, we went on our usual afternoon dogrun round the fields and as Mum had that camera thingy (you know the thing that steals your soul, ooh err) so I was dawdling a bit so she couldn't use it on me, oops, too late....................................................................
Arghh she got me, anyway she also got some of the little blighters too, they're not that good but they're quick little things. Soo here they are........................................................
I'm sure she was chewing something there, well aren't puppies always chewing things?
Ickle Blitz.....................
He's seen something interesting!
Yes its Donna!
And as all good puppies to they have to help out in whatever you are doing so here they are helping Mother by making sure the washing is really dirty before it goes in the machine!
On a sadder note, Mum took Faith, her "special" whippet to see Mrs V.E.T this week as she had a bit of a swelling on her side and they have diagnosed a large tumour on the spleen, if they operated to remove it it would only prolong her life by about six months and she would have to go through surgery with a bad heart. Sooo, they have decided to bring her home and keep her comfortable for the time she has left. i can tell you Mum was very upset but the poopies are helping to cheer us all up. so thats sll for now, catch you later.

Waj x

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Our Christmas suprises

OK, OK, I know some of you already know, but for those of you who don't Santa came this Christmas and bought us not one, but two Christmas puppies! Firstly there was one little blighter hanging off me fur, then a couple of days later there was another one, due to a curious set of circumstances which is too long to narrate here. 
Anyway please welcome our Christmas puppies Donna on the left and Blitzen on the right.

 Cute little blighters aren't they?
 Donna's got him where she wants him in a head lock!

 Checking out the duck! Luckily it's still in one piece!

Anyway they are quite good little puppies I must say and haven't made any mess in the house at all at the moment, mainly 'cos they spend a lot of time in the garden with Mum and Dad with them going "go wee wees" all the time! Oh I remember the joys of housetraining in the cold!! They both spent their first night in the bed between Mum and Dad, good job they've got a six foot bed that's all I can say! 
I'll get some more photo's for you soon, so it just remains for me to wish you all a Happy New Year, it's certainly got off to an unusual start for us anyway.

The now "keeping calm and carrying on"
Waj x