Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Last Post

It is with great sorrow I have to report that Waljan passed away earlier on today and thought it only fitting that his epitaph should be published where he started, on his own blog.

His first ever post was published on 13th September 2005 and has kept friends and family updated with things going on with the dogs (and us) on the farm. Sometimes humerous and sometimes sad, it has been a record of his complete life (and ours). Many changes have happened over the years and out of his original playmates mentioned below only Kishkais still around, but Waljan, aka Waj laterly Podge or Mr P has always been a joy to us. Here was his first ever post:

Welcome one and all!

Welcome to Waljan's blog! I didn't realise I could use a computer and mouse (aren't they supposed to be for cats?) let alone type, but I guess you learn new things everyday. I am new to the Davies household but I'm already making my mark on the humans and putting the rest of the pack firmly in their places...
I can only use the computer when the humans are out, but I'm going to leave you messages when I can to keep you up to date with life here and tell you all the exciting things that happen to us all.
Firstly, for those of you who have not met me yet, I am a very handsome deerhound greyhound cross (but mostly deerhound!). I was born on 25th April 2005 and moved from my first home in Hartlepool all the way to Wales on 21st June. My new dad, Trevor, said I was a star, as I travelled all the way (seven hours in the car) without moaning or being sick.
I spent my first night in between my my new dad and new Mum, Carol, on their bed! As I had been used to sleeping in a shed with my brothers and sisters, this was a bit of a welcome change to say the least. Anyway, I slept all night and didn't miss my doggie Mum at all!
I live here on the farm with my new friend Kishka the husky, when she's not trying to eat me!

There are also Mummy's special whippets, Faith and Hestia, Auntie Beryl who is a lurcher (whatever that is!) and is in charge of our dog pack and my other friend Poppy who plays with me a lot and also likes to swim!

I have lots to tell you and will soon introduce the other animals that live here, keeping you up to date with our visitors, a lot of whom have come from Greyhound Gap and bring lots of pointy dogs with them. It's an exhausting life so I'm just off for a rest.
Speak to you soon!!

Blog posts slowed down after the wider use of Facebook, but he had been feeling his age. He stopped eating two days ago and it appears he had gone into kidney failure. Many thanks to Shaun the V.E.T as Mr Podge would say, for calling to the house to ease his passing and is now lying to rest in the garden with the others.

The blog will end with Waljan, RIP handsome boy 25/4/2005 to 13/10/21016.