Sunday, October 30, 2005

Hi Waj here,

Forgot in my last blog to say hello to Corrine and Colin who came down for a weekend at the start of October. Also hi to JJ, Twizzle, Hootie and Murphy (love the names!) glad they all had a good time on hols. Apparently Hootie turned himself into a mountain goat on hols and was launching himself off all the sand dunes and also the steps in the new cottage!

Since Corrinne has got back she has had bad news about Murphy who has kidney failure although he was very lively and ate well on his hols. Mummy says she knows how you feel as has (as with many others!) been there. Anyway, love to all of you, from all on the farm including me. Waj x

Still haven't posted piccies of the rest of my pack and have missed out the pack leader Beryl! Well here she is ....

Dig those ears! Also a nicer photo of Faith when she had her puppies, can't believe Hestia Pestia looked that tiny once!

Here's a strange photo of Hess when she was little....................... she's so funny!

Got a funny photo of me when I was little too, entitled "where did that big black hairy thing go?", well I think it's funny!

That is Magic by the way, a Welsh GSD, well that's what Andy says!

Anyway, will post some photo's of the horses soon, I'm slightly in disgrace today as I chewed Daddy's wallet (which apparently was quite expensive). I did leave the bank notes on the floor though, and had just started on my first credit card when I got shouted at. Oh dear, looks like Mummy will have to buy a new wallet for Christmas, well at least I've solved the problem of what to buy!

Speak soon, Waj x

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Back from hols

Well we're back! I enjoyed my hols at Auntie Gilly's and Uncle Pete's but poor Hestia was very sad and has lost a lot of weight. I tried to cheer her up by playing with her but after I'd nearly squashed her a few times, Auntie Gill walked us seperately, spoilsport! Faith and Bear had been there before so they were ok. Kish and Poppy had stayed at home and were looked after by Uncle Andy, but it was great to get home again and play with them both again.

Anyway, Mummy and Daddy went somewhere called Cyprus and had a jolly good time even though it rained a bit. They have bought some photo's back some of which are really funny so I'll show you a few.

Here is from left to right Daddy, Mummy, Auntie Janet, Auntie Hilary and funny Granny Barbara that's Jason kneeling down.

Here they are in the Venetian Fort at a place called Paphos

Not forgetting the holiday donkey.............

They're mad my people!

Anyway, breakfast beckons even though I was a wee bit sicky this morning, must have been those pigs ears last night!

See you soon, Waj x

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Mummy's birthday and Dogrun news!

Hi Walj again, suprise!

Hasn't this week flown by? This week was Mummy's birthday and she had loads of cards and pressies. Dad got her a card with a picture that looked like me on the front, it said "You know you've had a good birthday.........................when you start to wonder why they put the ceiling where the floor used to be!". Can't think what he means!

She said she wants to thank everyone and for those good wishes from the Gap even though she messed up with her birthdate in members profile! Wot a nelly! Also Hi to Sarah and Wayne who stayed this week. I didn't get to meet their dogs personally but I wuffed to them out of the window! They all looked very nice especially Ruby the greyhound who I would have liked to run round the garden with. Perhaps next time when I'm bigger.

Anyway, the big news of the week is I've been on the dogrun Yippee!!! At 3pm everyday, Jason takes the whole pack out (except me!) and disappears over the hill in the back field. I get very cross at being left and usually Dad takes me out on my own walk just a short way (so I don't overtire my gorgeous little self!). However this week is different, as Dad has started work at the local college helping the lecturer teach plumbing, so when Jason goes out now, I've got no one to stay with. As I made so much fuss, Jason has taken me with him every day, well I am almost six months old now and great fun it is too. It's great running round, having a good smell and a roll. Faith came back twice this week with doggie make up on round her neck, it smelt good to me, can't think why they wanted to wash it off!

As you can imagine, after all this exercise, I have felt a wee bit tired so decided to have a nice sleep on the sofa. I got on, but my legs were a bit long and were dangling off. Well, they do insist on putting those stupid cushions on there when I would have a lot more room and be more comfortable without them!

Well anyway, I wasn't very comfortable, so I went and found a new place to get comfy................It took a bit of squirming about to get it right!

Nearly there, does my bum look big in this?

Ahhh, me and Dad looking all cosy........................................

Don't think I was cut out to be a lap dog somehow!

Anyway, I will be off line now for a week, as I am going on my holidays to a place called Brynberian with my pack leader Beryl and the two squippety whippets. I have never been before, but Beryl says it is very nice there and you can sleep in the bed (if there's room) and they give you lots of treats as they think you are feeling sad because Mum and Dad have gone away on holidays. Well I can put my saddest face for that!

Will let you know how it went when I get back,

Love Waljan x