Sunday, August 09, 2009

"The man has gone!!!!"

Well folks, the most exciting news of the last two weeks is "The man has gone!" Some of you will know exactly what I mean and what good news it is! Basically for those not in the know, for the past five years we have had a "neighbour" in the form of a man who rented the sheds to the left of our farm as you come down the lane. As he had cats and other stock we weren't allowed anywhere near there and neither were our visitors. During the last year he didn't pay his rent, went a bit strange and ended up living in a caravan up the back.

The farmer who rented him the sheds, had been trying to get him out for months but he just squatted there. Anyway, about a fortnight ago we all got up, Mum went to work and the caravan was gone, complete with collies! They had been causing a nuisance too, as they were barking all the time. Sooo, after five years of sticking to one side of the farm we can now go where we like and often go over that side of the farm for our morning dogrun. I now do my evening constitutional with Dad back up the lane. We had stopped going up there because it just used to set the collies off again, but now it's just sooo peaceful again, it's blissss!

Anyway, Jason's very talented girlfriend Carley has done a cartoon drawing of us dogs, what do you think? Got us all off to a tee hasn't she? Don't know if it will come out looking a bit blue, it's probably just the way it copied. The original is perfect!

They are hoping to start a little business off Carley doing the drawings and Jason printing them onto tee shirts, mugs, mouse mats etc. Also Gemi who I mentioned in my last post has left portfolio's in all the cottages for guests to have their dogs photo's taken while on holiday, that's a good idea too as Jason can then put the photo on the tee shirts etc. Here's a link to GLK photography on Facebook for those of you that are joined up, there's some nice shots of the Dumpledale dogs on their including a particularly nice one of ickle Faith and the horses.

Talking about young Jason, apparently he was in Court last month on a speeding charge, Mum went with him. For his offence the Magistrates sentencing guidelines were 3 to 6 points or a 7 to 28 day ban. If he'd been given the maximum the ban would have expired just before he was due to leave the UK on a driving holiday to Germany on 25th August. Bearing in mind young Jase had already got 6 points on his license, the Magistrates decided to give him six points and then ban him for six months as he had totted up to 12! We all thought that was quite harsh, so he and Carley are now trying to find other ways to get there as it has already been paid for. Hopefully there's a group of them going so they may be able to get a lift.

Anyway, that's all the goss for now, were still celebrating the departure, fingers crossed everyone that he don't come back. Hoping to get the computer fixed for next time as Mum has some funny photo's on her phone from when we went to the estuary a few weeks ago and there's one of me rising out of the sea like the Loch Ness monster, but not quite cos that don't exist does it? :-)

Catch you all later,

Waj x