Monday, March 17, 2008

Crufts again!

Hello all!

Goodness gracious, has it been that long since I last posted? It's been so busy here, we haven't known whether we've been coming or going! It has been that time of year where all that was mentioned was Crufts! We dogs did manage to watch a bit of it on TV, but all our human family away went to the actual thing as some point over the four days.

Firstly Dad goes up with Anty Llyn Chapman on the Wednesday to set up the Whippet Rescue stall, reckon that dratted Lucy could do with rescuing ........................................................... from the food bag! Hee, hee.Anyway, as I was saying, Dad went up Wednesday and Mum looked after Llyn's dogs, so both got back late. Anty Pauline and Anty Olga who were staying in Swallows Dance kept an eye on us while they were both away.

Thursday, Dad is home, Mum goes up to the Crufts and stays Friday and Saturday coming home Saturday night. Dad then has to look after Llyns dogs on the Friday then cope with the change over in the cottages Saturday . Sunday Mum looks after both sets of dogs and Dad gets back at 4am in the morning after a catalogue of disasters! This included having to unload the van by candlelight as the power was off due to the violent storms! Then coming along the narrow single track road from Wiston, finding a garden shed in the middle of the road that they couldn't get past! So, he and Jason had to knock the owner out of bed to help them move the shed and pick up all the contents which were strewn over the road! We were all glad to get back to normal on the Monday I can tell you!

Anyway, as you know, Mum always does shopping at this Crufts but luckily didn't find any orange coats to bring home this time! However, she did manage to find a rather fine limited edition print of your truly, what do you think? Like me or what?!?

I have been in the wars a little bit this week as I have had a swollen foot and been limping quite badly. I am feeling better now though, as I have been on antibiotics and it's gone down quite a bit. Lucy has also been in the wars as she had a badger bite under the chin. That was quite badly swollen too but has been on the same tablets and she is better now too, even though she will probably have a scar.

As usual Mum had the guests over last night, this week we have Penny, who is a lurcher. The beautiful Bella who loves her Dad so much she was trying to eat him!

Bella and I took a fancy to each other and she was flirting with me in the garden trying to make me run, but unfortunately my foot was too bad at the time so I couldn't oblige!
Then there is Jasper who just curled up quietly all evening, I think Bella was just checking that he was still asleep!
Anyway they all had a good night, but as usual the wine affected the general photo quality! I keep telling her that wine and cameras don't mix, but she doesn't listen! Their humans, Richard and Margaret came to dinner too with their friends Karen and Mary. Some of you may know Margaret who is Bradpak on Greyhound Gap. Talking about Gap, Anty Lisa and Anty Trish are down next week, so we have some serious drinking practice to do before then hee, hee, hee. More importantly, I got some lasagne left which as you know is my favourite!
Better shoot off now as it is time for my post dinner walk.
Speak soon,
Waj x