Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lucy's Christmas present.......

Alooooo evriwun, Luce ere an I az ad me cwistmas wish ain't i lucki? I wuz out wiv me muvver earli dis mornin an i catchd one of dem babit fings! I tuk it ome az a speshul presant four me muvver an shi dident wan it, how rude! Shi even got daddi owt of bed to tek if orf me, he sayed he waz gonna couk it four Cwistmas dinna, ho, ho, ho! Anyways, happi cwistmas to you all! Luv Tattia Luce xxx

Hi folks, Waj here, I didn't see no rabbits this morning, but then I can't be bothered to chase them anyway so I stayed with me mother like a good dog!  Anyway, Luce, Kish, Poppy, Faith, Phoebe and our humans would like to wish all the blog followers a merry Christmas and a happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Catch you in the New Year.
 Waj x

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Allo, Lucy ere, I az ad an owie too weaks ago. It appened loike dis. I wus owt wiv me matey Kish luking for dem babit fings to chayse. I wuz in de vallee part sniffin in de gorz booshis. Dere must av bin sum barbid wyre in de boosh cos I slit me ere rite down de miggle. Dere wuz blood evriwere so’s wen I got ome me Dad cut de end off a sokk and put it on me hed to stopp it bleeedin. Me muvver fort dat she wuld resque me ere herself, sooo shee put sum sterry stwips acros and coverred it wiv microepour taype an lef it,     hand, amayzinlee enuf it staid On!!!!  
Dis wuz foine until day four, wen it did start to smelle a bit………ooh err! 

 Bi dis tyme me muvver fort I ad a gangly greene ere soo we ad to go an sea Mr Shawn de V.E.T. Mr Shawn sayed he fort my ere wuz ok az it wuz stille pinc an to leeve it to de weakend an den tak de taype orf then. And I ad to tayke sum tablets cawled hanti bitoticals. Well wen dey tuk de bandidge orf me ere it ad heeled up a treet, but I az anover battil skar and anover nayme az I iz now cawled Tattia, shawt for Tatti Ear. Ha, ha they iz soooo funni ain’t they?
Ere it is afta the weak, gud aint it?
 Dis is wat it luks loike now al heeled up!
I met a nuw fwend las weak too, he wuz an I-talien grayhownd caled Roderick, he ad free fwends wiv him too moor I-taliens ann anover whipet loike me!!! Dey all went to de pub wiv der humans inde middel of de weak as it wuz dere Muvvers birfday. i met dem in de yard wen dey cum bak an Rodders loiked mi veri much. Hear he iz down de pub wiv his sparkli coler.
kute aint he? Anyways I iz orf now as Mr P iz on is way ooh err...................... luv Tatia sory Luce!

Hi folks, drat that whippet, it looked better when it had that sock over it's head! Hee, hee.......
Anyway, I'm afraid I forgot to tell you that Andy's Callie had passed away a couple of months ago after a short illness, here's the great man himself.
Anyhow, Andy has been hankering for a puppy and a couple of weeks ago Radar landed! He has been called all sorts as his parentage isn't know, but Dad has called him a beagle/spaniel/foxhound well all sorts really what do you think?
We're all getting used to having him around, though I hate it when he gets under my legs!

Are all you folks ready for Christmas? It's really quiet in the cottages this week as there's no one in at all or next week either, so Mum and Dad are having a rest. It's been throwing it down this morning and all the fields are wet so we were all snoozing on the bed including Tatia who was IN the bed! Hee, hee.....

Anyway, that's all for now, will be back in a couple of weeks for me annual Christmas message!
Waj x