Saturday, April 29, 2006


Well, what a busy couple of weeks we had. Mum and Dad had a weeks hols over Easter but instead of us going to the beach like last time, they did building instead! Very inconsiderate if you ask me.

Anyway, Lucy and I went out to help them which means we can mooch round the yard and give a hand. Here's Luce checking out a bit of soggy cloth

So I thought I would get up and help her

Can you see what it is yet?

If I stand by it it will give you a clue as to size

Ok then, let's all guess what it is? No cheating those of you who know!

Met some nice people the first Easter week, that was Mari, Nigel and their friend Marjory with their two greyhounds and they even kindly left me some lasagne! I luurve lasagne. Last week we had Anna, Sue, Mark and David from Greyhound Gap with their TEN assorted greys and lurchers, oh yes and Sue and Mark's two boys Jonathan and Matthew. I woofed at them out of the window (the dogs that is) but didn't get to say a close hello. They came for dinner and only left me some chilli which I DON'T eat and some rice which I sometimes eat but didn't fancy so the chickens had it instead. I did have a naan bread though!

Guess who had all the attention as usual

Must be nice to fit on a lap

Ahhh, aren't they sweet!

Anyway, must go, will give you an update on the building work soon!

Waj x

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The mystery of the elastic whippet!

Hi all,

Well we have another mystery here this week. How did this........................

fit through this?

This, is in fact sheep wire that is all round our paddock to keep sheep out! Ha ha, only joking, there's no sheep here, but it's to keep Kishka the houdini of the pack in. However, she has now been totally outdone by Lucy Loo who dived through one of the holes in that fence in two seconds flat! Apparently, as I didn't see it, Mum was throwing some bread outside our paddock for the birds. Lucy, who may it be said will eat absolutely ANYTHING, dives straight through one of the holes which at the most can only be 5 inches square and retrieves the bread! Most impressive. Mum said she would never have believed it if she hadn't seen it for herself and she has now got a new name of Stretch, the elastic whippet!

I think some more fencing will be needed. Anyway, it's nearly Easter and I'm looking forward to my Easter treat. I'll let you know what I have. All for now.

Waljan x

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Well here she is.............

Introducing my new pal, Kenmillix Lucy Locket! Also known as Lucy, Lucy Lu, Loopey Lucy and various other combinations of the same, but also known as the whirling dervish! Here she is sitting on Trevor's head while I'm trying to sleep........

She has certainly livened the house up and I even let her use my bed! Not that she is still for that long but we did manage to catch her relaxing in the conservatory in between naughty moments.

She hasn't even kept us awake at night, as Mum and Dad have had her sleeping in their own bed. Mind you, I slept there myself when I first came here as a puppy nearly ten months ago. Doesn't time fly? Now, as you know, I have my own bed which luckily since my last post has stretched back to it's normal size!

Anyway, Kish and I have shown her some rottweiler baiting and very good at it she is too. She is still a good 20 yards from the fence to bark at the moment, but I'm sure she will close in a bit further when she's a bit braver! She won't have long mind, as I hear they are going in a fortnight and the garden will be very quiet then. The good thing will be that Mum and Dad will then have a caravan to rent too! This may also prove very useful for Jason's birthday as he is 21 this year in May, so I assume there will be another party. I did enjoy the last one, sausage rolls, yum, yum!

Anyway, dinner calls and one last photo of Loopy Lou before we go.

Yes, you're right, that is a flip flop, Kish and I have let her join our styling club so she is working out on one we prepared earlier.I can see she will be a natural!

Speak soon, Waj x