Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Greyhounds in Furberry

Hi folks,

How are you all? Can't believe it's been nearly a month since I last posted. Things are really busy on the farm in the summer and Dad is working hard to finish off our new cottage which we'll be letting next year.

Of course what do they do then in the middle of the summer hols? Take a midweek break to somewhere called Rome where Dad owns a fountain. I think he must own it 'cos it's called the Trevi fountain! Apparently if you chuck a coin in, it ensures you go back to Rome one day, silly waste of money if you ask me. Dad had the right idea, he gave Mum all of 20p to throw in, perhaps she'll get as far as Haverfordwest next time!

Anyway, thanks to Kerry and Dave for looking after the jacuzzi, Jason for looking after us, Andy for doing the birds and all the visitors who looked after themselves while they were away!
Talking about visitors, our friends Star and Molly came down to stay in Swallow's Dance again. Their Mum, Ceri went to America earlier on in the year and bought them some Furberry caps (that's Burberry for dogs!). Star wasn't too keen to be photographed in his, can see your point mate, it's not a boy thing! Molly however was happy to pose and looked quite stylish in pink!

What do you think then?
Also been meaning to show you part of our dogrun where we go everyday. This is the field at the back where we start off. Mostly together to start with as you can see.......................

Then some of us have a race down, thats us, the tiny dots at the bottom of the picture! Faith and Poppy are a bit slower these days!

Then the path gets a bit narrower...............................................
Then Mum runs out of memory in the camera, so will have show you the rest another time!
Have also got to report that I injured my leg in the week and was a bit lame so Mum brought me breakfast in bed.
I'm feeling better now though and back on the dogrun. That's all for now then as it's nearly teatime.
Catch you later,