Monday, July 30, 2007

Waj haz a trym and de three Lucy's!

'Ello Luce ear,

Waj iz sulkin at de mowment as he had iz fur cliped by Anty Karen oo cam dowen to stai in Swallow's Danze wiv her dogs Edie and Bird and Jo's dogiz Boo and Gyp. Karen is Bonniebird on the Refhuge and Joe is Boosboss.They allso bowrt anova dog, Molly, wiv them as a treet. Hear ar sum pikturs of Waj's trimm and owr dogi gests. We allso ad sum coleze in Dumpledale and a novi scoshi duck tolin reetreever, I fink dats how yoo spel it, wiv there Mum and Dad, Jane and Rob.

Hear is Edie. She is an inglish toy terror. I fink thas wot Mum said.
This is Bird who is blynd. .

Hear is Gyp havin a swim.

This is Molly at de frunt and Boo behind playin in de see.

Hear is Waj havin is trym. dont fink he wanted to luk!

Down't luk veri impresed does he?

Anty Karen and he luks loike they fell owt in dis one! Heee, hee.................

When dey'd all finished he luked veri hansum so he felt beter then!
We all ad a barbee q on de satiday nite, then on sundi Mumi waz veri poowerly and had dire ear four four dayze (nofin too do wiv de barbee q I mite add as everi one els wuz ok)! As she wuz off wurk, we hellped her to get beter by lieing on the bed and keepin her warme, even tho she had a tempurature. Us nursin staf tuk owr dutize veri seeriusli and tuk it in shiffts to git on de bedd, useulee five at a tyme, but Waj allwais taks up too plaices so sumtims there wuz onli rume four four! By frydai she wuz betta so they went too de pub four dinna, here they are.
I az also bean woonded, Feebs and I wer play fite ing agin and I got bitted cos she wuz too ruff wiv mee. Oh woe me poowerely side! Anty Jane, Waj sais sorri he culdnt put de collee pikturs in de blog as Mumi aksidently delited them, if yoo culd send them agin, Waj wil put dem on again.
Last weak we ad three Lucy whipets! Karen, Stewart and Charlotte bowrt there Lucy and her fwends and Becki who iz Palm on Gap bowrt there Lucy and her fwend Paddy. We missd de first Lucy az she ad to go earli but hear are piktures of de other lucy's.
I'm luking in a miror, i fink............................. Hears Paddy wiv the too Lucy's..............................
Havin me bum's a dog fing!

Hi too de uver gests who av bin too! Ad better let Waj get bak on de blog next tyme now hes finishd sulkin over hiz trym! Sees yoo soon.
Lucy Lu 3,

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Horses, dogs and cats!

Hi folks how are you all?

Before we get to the news stories this week, I must say we have had some talented photographers in the last few weeks. Here are a few taken by Glen's Mum, Sandra, when they came to stay in the caravan recently. From left to right, my mate Glen who also reads the blog, Tia in the middle and Keira. Don't collies love their toys? Glen's toy is in fact Tia!

This is one of our horses, Bea who is retired from riding but is a companion to Gizmo. She is an Irish Draught Cob cross.

A baby swallow waiting for food on the garden fence

and a lovely photo of Gizmo otherwise known as Travellers Tale. He is an Irish Sports horse, whatever that means, haven't seen him throwing the javelin, playing football or anything, perhaps he's better at jumping?

Thanks to Sandra for sending the photo's.
Now, lets catch up on the latest news from the farm. Talking about Gizmo, the big news is that Mum has started horse riding again! She has been out on him twice in the last two weeks and is now walking about like John Wayne! Apparently she used to do a lot of it years ago, but hasn't been on now for about 4/5 years. I couldn't believe it when she went out the bottom gate and got on that huge hairy animal! I personally prefer them as steaks!
This is Giz with Andy, who previously had him on loan, but has bought him this week! So, he is now officially a full time resident Dumpledale horse. Andy, as many of you will know is Dad's uncle, but as Granny had him very late in life, he isn't much older than Dad. He also spends a lot of time on the farm with his dogs and comes to all the barbeques. I have been meaning for some time to post some photo's of the Pocket Rocket and gang, so here they are courtesy of Stephanie. Stephanie came down a few weeks ago and stayed with two lots of people from the Refuge over two weeks! She could be a professional holiday cadger as well as a professional photographer, 'cos her photo's were brilliant too.
This is Hugo otherwise known as Hugo Bossonova..............................
Calvin, Cally for short, full title Calvin Canine the designer dog!
Magic, Madge for short, full title Black Magic...........................................
Zara, full name Princess Zara
The gang all together with the Pocket Rocket at the front...................................
Well I think I'm all photo-ed out for the time being! Hope it stops raining soon, I can't get my fur dry!
Oh err, nearly forgot about the cat bit! Just to let you know that the greycatwotlivsonthewindowsill has gone to the Cats Protection league to find him a nice home where he won't get mauled by the big-ginga-cat or those pesky whippets. He had been limping for a few days, (wasn't us this time!) so he went to the vets and on to be rehomed. They say he won't be waiting long as he is a beautiful blue colour which is very popular so that's good news for him anyway.
Catch you later, Waj x