Saturday, February 24, 2007

The news and bin raiding!

Well here we are again folks and what have we for you this week? Well coming up later we share some humorous moments with Lucy as is expected and also with Phoebs! Now the news as read by Waljan Blythe (that’s me folks!), (cough, cough) excuse me while I just clear my throat!
Well, what have we here, oh yes, Hera (that’s Paul and Caroline’s rotty) would like to announce the birth of her 12, yes TWELVE pups born last Sunday, Mum and pups are doing well so I understand, and Dad delivered them! He was out till four o’clock in the morning, so was a bit tired and grumpy the next day. (Nothing new there then!)

A new record was set at dinner the week before last when we had SEVEN children to dinner with their Mum’s and Dad’s, Liz, Mark, Donna and Steve. I didn’t know there were that many children in the whole world, though I suspect I have led a rather cloistered life so far! I have to report that they were all well behaved, while all the adults were rabbiting on downstairs, mostly about doggy things I might add!

Mum was off work two days this week as she had a really bad cold, thanks to Dad bringing it home from college! Anyway we all enjoyed the two days as Mum stayed in bed and we all cuddled up with her on the bed. That includes Phoebe who now does that “under the duvet” thing that the whippets do. Can’t understand that personally, I’d get FAR too hot but then I do have considerably more fur!

Earlier this week Jason arrives home in a new car, well new for him anyway, here it is...............................

For some reason it's named after that dog on the telly, you know, Scooby Doo! It's full title is a Subaru Impreza 2.0 Sport. For those of you who know Jason's penchant for car wrecking, you won't be suprised to know there's a sweepstake on down the pub to see which month he's going to write it off!

Well that’s the news out of the way, now onto the funny story of the week. Dad is sitting in the conservatory watching TV. He hears some banging and a bit of a rumpus in the kitchen, so gets up to investigate. The swing bin contents are strewn over the floor but not a culprit in sight. He trogs upstairs to remonstrate with whoever he thinks did it but didn’t have much trouble locating the guilty party! Hee, hee, hee.
Just to finish off here’s Lucy catching up with the news, well Dad didn't really want to read the paper anyway!

Anyway that's all for now folks, catch you later,

Waj x

Friday, February 16, 2007

Sad news

Well folks after nearly two weeks off line attempting to get Broadband which we now have (I was having internet withdrawal symptoms!). It is with great sadness that I have to announce that Tara has gone to the Bridge. For those of you not aware of the Bridge you can click here and read about it but please have a tissue handy!
Auntie Chris took Tara at the end of January to settle her in with before going to be spayed and have a mammary tumour removed. When the V.E.T opened her up apparently there were two separate tumours tracking into her abdomen up towards her throat and the other ran back towards her legs. Her poorly leg which had been badly broken at one time, had hardly any bone just plates with 11 screws and a fistula had formed over one of the screwheads. They phoned Auntie Chris and told her that she would never recover from the op and the kindest thing would be to let her go on the table which she did.
Although she got in the way of our chasing games, she was a very brave old lady and never once moaned about us knocking into her. We are all very sorry that she didn’t have very long with us or Auntie Chris on her forever sofa, so run free at the Bridge Tara.
Love Waj, Bear, Kish, Poppy, Faith, Phoebe and Lucy xxx