Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy New Year and the January News!

Morning Folks,
Happy New Year to you all, just managed to squeeze me blog in before the end of January! Cos it's been so cold and we haven't had many visitors, they have all been on the 'puter quite a bit so I haven't been able to put me paw to it as it were. Never mind better late than never as they say!
Bit of a chilly one this morning isn't it? It was a bit frosty when we went out first thing. Phoebe thinks she can see a rabbit in the bush...........I can't!
Kish is waiting to pounce on me as I was lagging behind. Mother had got that camera thingy out and I am very camera shy! Kish about to pounce.....................................

She did manage to get one of us both though, you can tell I'm not happy can't you?

Anyway, enough of those photo things of me, let me recount the funny stories of the month for you. Firstly Mum bought a small set of dog clippers to do round my face. As some of you know, I am quite hairy around the face and quite often it grows up over me eyes, so Mother bought some battery operated ones with a comb attachment to thin out me hair. All well and good, she trims me hair off then looks in the mirror at her own. Yes, you've guessed whats coming, she tries it on her own head, thins it out down one side then turns the clippers over to do the other and cuts herself a small bare patch just under her fringe! So where the parting used to go left to right, it now goes right to left to hide the offending bit. She went officially to the hair dressers yesterday and had to admit what she'd done , the hair dresser thought it was hilarious too!
Also in January me Mother went to some Ball thing and wore a full length dress!!!!!!! Now I don't know whether you know this is a first for me, but I will be six years old in April and I have never seen me Mother in a dress or a skirt!!!! I've asked the others and Faith can't remember her in a dress either and she's nearly thirteen, although you can't rely on her as Dad calls her the old senile one, I think she's just a bit deaf personally! Anyway, Mum's always either in leggings, straight black trousers for work or PJ's. Oh yes, she did wear a dress for the Halloween party but that didn't count as she had her leggings on underneath! Anyway, here to prove it, not a good photo as it was on the phone..........
  They apparently all had a good time, good band, some dancing, apart from the last ten minutes! Now as many of you know, Mum likes her wine, so as this night was a special occasion, they had champagne followed by Cava! Well as Dad stood up to go about 4am, he helped Mother up, turned round for the cool box and in those few seconds, she'd keeled over and was out cold on the floor! When she came round a minute or two later, she was fine apart from the bang on the head. Me Mother has never passed out in her life before, but when she thought about it, she had had an antihistamine tablet at about five that evening and thinks it must have been that combined with the alcohol! Anyway, she's fine now, even though she gave everyone a fright!
Lastly on Wednesday they went up to Bristol for the evening as Dad's niece Betsi was off on Friday to New Zealand for a year. They went to the pub behind Barbara's house called the Priory for a meal and had a nice evening, here they all are........................

I'm sure you regular readers will recognise everyone. On the right of the table, Dad, his Mum Barbara and sisters Janet and Glenda. Left of the table, niece Betsi, Mum, nephew Perry, sister Hilary and brother in law Brian.
Anyway that's all the news for the month, just going back to bed now for a snooze, then we'll be out on the dogrun at 2.00.

Catch you later,
Waj x