Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New arrivals and the German trip

Well, what an exciting couple of weeks! Firstly the whole family went on that Germany trip, piccies later on in the blog but the big news is we have two more in the pack!
Mummy's friend from a long time ago who she hasn't seen for some years suddenly had a major aneurism (I think that's how you spell it!) and was rushed into hospital and nearly died. Well apparently she had been collecting "rescue" dogs for some time but not rehoming them. A dog rescue was called and 10 taken straight away into care but she had sent a letter t0 Mummy which arrived while they were in Germany to see if she could help with another four. Mum and Andy went up to the kennels and we saddened as to the conditions there so bought the four dogs out straight away. Two she left in foster care with Aunty Gill and two she bought home. So, da da (drumroll) here they are......................................

This is Tara, she is Beryl's full sister. Mum only let this lady have her ten years ago as she promised her she would be a house dog. However she broke her leg really badly and from then on was banished to the kennels. Their kennels life consisted of two 15 minute walks a day and the rest was solitary confinement! Mum and Andy were very sad when they came home but we have heard that Tara and Phoebe are going to stay with us. Another two ladies for my harem! Aren't I lucky? Anyway talking about Phoebe here she is......................................

Probably on a settee for the first time in her life! She was very nervous when she first arrived but has attached herself to Mum and is getting more confident by the day. These are the two whippities Sophie and Oz, who stayed with Auntie Gill at first. They have now gone to stay with Auntie Corinne who comes to stay with us on holidays every year and brings us nice treats, so I'm sure Sophie and Oz will enjoy it there.

Sophie and Oz.

These two were in quite good condition compared to some of the others, although Phoebe is underweight and had to be wormed and Tara was infested with fleas! She had a flea bath in which about 20 died, then Dad combed at least another 30 out! So no wonder she was scratching! It made me itch too until Mum got the flea spray out! Anyway will keep you posted on their progress. Meanwhile onto the Germany trip!

Here's Dad and Jason enjoying a bier in Bonne, Ja?

Mum did go this time, 'cos here she is at a wine tasting evening. Think she'd like to take the barrel home! Hee, hee.........................
Some other members of the family enjoying the wine tasting................................
That jug was supposed to be for spitting the wine out after tasting it! Not much chance of that with our family!

Jason pretending he had enjoyed the wine tasting too much, well I think he was pretending?

He's soooo funny!

Anyway, must dash, got to keep these ladies in order especially from next week as Mummy is going back to work. Oh dear!

All the best,

Waj x

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I az bean norty

I az bean norty, I az bean veri norty, I wuz in diskrace and I wuz woonded! Let me xplane. We, owr dog pak that iz, has a cat. This iz owr cat wit mi and Anty Bear.

But…… ther iz anuther cat………a ferrill cat ….”thegraycatwotlifsindewindow”. Mumy feads dis cat on the windowcil, but it iz not alowd in the hows az Anty Faith Whippet duz not lik ani catz apart frum owrz. Aniwaz, abowt too weaks ago Anty Faith cawt the cat in the gardin and we bowf had a restel wiv it. I ad the end wiv al the teef and too setz of clause and she ad the uver end. Mumy showtid at uz veri lowdly and maid uz dwop it. I then ad to go to the V.E.T cos I got bitted veri badli and had to hav an injecshun as mi leg swolled up. It all so maid mi nose blead!
Wen I got hoam, mumy sed I musnt go on the dogrun dat aftinoon az I wuz limpin. Wen Jason went, I wuz veri upset and twied to squeez frew bitwean the gait and the gait powst and got mi hed stuk! Mumy com to let mi owt and sed I wuz veri silly but she wud taik mi dowen to the pond four a littel wark. Bi then the injecshun ad wurked and so ad the paynkila and wen she opined the gait, I legd it afta Jason hoo ad left 10 minits befawr and I cawt him up at the botim of the valli! So I wuz in twoubel four dat too! I iz betta now thowe.

I supoze you al wantz to now about the cat? Well, Mumy dident sea it for sum tyme so she thawt it wuz ded, but it cam bak dis mawnin lukin for food! Isnt dat gud newz Anty Sue? Anty Faith doesint fink so! It iz now theluckigraycatwotlifsindewindow!

Beter go befowr Waj catchis mi on the blog agin.

Sea youz al suwn,

Luce x

Friday, November 10, 2006

Back from hols and cleaning up!

Hi Folks,

Well it comes to something when you get a WHIPPET hijacking your blog! After the latest few entries it seems it is becoming more the “Adventures of Lucy” than Waljan’s blog! Anyway, back to the news………

Firstly, Mum and Dad are back! Yippee! I know Lucy said she didn’t care much but she made just as much fuss as the rest of us when they got back Apparently, when they arrived in Crete (wherever that is) on the Thursday night it was pouring with rain and it had been raining there for the last two weeks. The next morning it was sunny and it stayed like that for the whole week they were away! Jammy buggers or what?

Here’s a couple of holiday snaps.

I don't think Mum went at all really as there are noooo pictures of her at all that I've seen. I reckon he left her at the airport and went on his own!

They arrived home early hours of the following Friday to a clean house and a clean bed thanks to Andy and Jason. They had even cleared up Lucy’s chewing’s in the bedroom. Goodness knows what she had had in there, but there was lots and lots of fluff!

Since their return, they have been cleaning and painting and last week cleaned out the workshop. Why they call it the workshop I have no idea as there isn’t any place you could actually do any “work” in! It was soooooo cluttered, when I used to walk in, I had to back out as there was no room to turn around, being a bit on the long side!

Anyway, next day wood is flying everywhere, old chairs are going on the trailer to go to the tip, everyone is coughing ‘cos of the dust, Poppy is getting under everyone's feet looking for mice and Lucy is helping out by lying on the cushion on the wheelbarrow of stuff going to the tip!

Actually looks quite comfy, but a bit small for moi!

What is she doing with that bag of plaster?

I did my best to get in the way and lay down on a bit of straw, right in the path of everything! Then Mummy got that camera thing out so I thought it was time to leg it! (Bit camera shy!)

Then the upstairs lounge got painted! Mainly with Lucy’s head and ears and a bit on the collar! Bear helped with her tail too. I managed to avoid any participation at all and stayed clean!

Latest news is that we will be having Uncle Andy to look after us next week as Mum, Dad and Jason are going to Germany for 5 days! Apparently the whole family are going, about 18 of them on a coach. Wouldn’t fancy being the coach driver with that mad lot! Ho hum I’m sure Luce will liven our week up somehow!

Catch you later,
Waj x