Sunday, January 17, 2016

New Year catchup

Afternoon folks Waj here,
Bet as I hadn't posted for a while you thought I'd gone to Rainbow Bridge, but I am happy to report I am still alive and kicking!  In fact since my last episode, I have been very well! Me mother has taken me off biscuits now, so I now have a new food called natures diet or something like that and I luuurve it along with my fresh chicken. I still don't go far in the morning, I go for a little mouch with Dad after he has walked the others, I go for a wander round on my own while he feeds the chickens. I am still lively enough to go on the afternoon dog run and I hop skip and jump when in the mood, and play with Blitzen. Talking about Blitzen,  hope you all had a good Christmas and I would like to wish you all a happy new year a bit belatedly . Oh my gosh, was it really July I last posted? Better give you all a catch up then.
Firstly the little Flymo,  (you know small whippet type lawnmower as it eats grass!) developed a lump in her groin area. Mr Shaun the vet said they would have to do a biopsy of it to see if there was anything sinister there, as a quick analysis had shown it was lymph node cells. So obviously the first thing mother thought, was that it must be cancerous. Anyway, she decided that if the little princess was going to have the lump removed, she might as well be spayed at the same time.  So, that is what happened. Mr Shaun made a fab job of it I must say, what a nice bit of stitching and two tiny little holes.
Good job!
Anyway, after a nervous weeks wait, it turns out that there is nothing to worry about and was just a reactive lymph node, hurrah!
The little 'uns went on a couple more flyball tournaments, while Blitz, Donna and I were ably looked after by Anty Bev and Anty Hilary. Did you know that competing at flyball makes you very tired? No nor me, but just look at DAD!!!! LOL....

Just exhausting isn't it? Here are the gang flying the Welsh flag!
The Team
In August, Anty Llyn lost her last geriatric whippet and Mum put this on her Facebook page (for those who missed it):
"Today is the end of an era for me and the family as a whole. Many of you will know that we, but mostly me, cared for Llyn Chapman's dogs while she went off to shows and all helped with the stall at Crufts. Llyn also announced her retirement this year so we will not have to go to Crufts again.
When Llyn moved down, she had 13 dogs which I sat for, but over the years many have passed away till last month only three remained, the two old "geriatric" ladies Snow White and Domino, Jeeves the younger dog travels with Llyn.
Sadly Snow was PTS a couple of weeks ago and this morning Domino who was Snow's litter sister went the same way aged 16. I know I have had to clean up after them, help them up and down steps as they got very frail, but over the 11 or so years I have had with them, I had became really fond of them. So run free at the bridge lovely ladies, my doggy sitting services are no longer required". 

Snow and Domino

I'd never met them, but I know Mum always smelt special after she had been to doggy sit :-)  
In October Mum and Dad then went on their annual jaunt, this year to Corfu.........

As you can see he found the Welsh Flag!!
November was a Halloween party with family and our November gang and a good week was had by all!!! Great costumes!
Then onto December with the Dumpledale Farm staff Christmas party, yes that's just the five of them then! Thanks to Matthew at the Cottage for a great evening!!!
Then not forgetting the Flash Flyball Christmas party, where there were some sore heads the next morning after a rousing game of Beer Pong!

Lets home the weather improves soon, a little village in Pembrokeshire called Eglwsrw (that's Egg-loo-sue-roo for the non Welsh of you, lol) has had 81 days of consecutive rain! It's not been far off for us here on the farm and the ground is absolutely sodden. We have trails of mud everywhere and it's not doing my fur any good!
Anyway, that's all for now, won't leave it so long next time.
Catch you later,
Waj x