Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Well, it's finished at last!

Hi all,
Well, its finished! What can I say but what a relief! More so as when Anty Lisa arrived early on 19/7/08, she was told to naf off as they hadn't finished and were still carrying furniture in! Mum and Dad had put soooo many hours in that last week, we dogs had almost forgotten what they looked like! So Lisa and co. took the pack for a run around the fields.
Anyway, after the mad scrabble to put the dining table and chairs in and put the patio table and chairs up in the garden and finish off fastening the garden gate and put the curtains up........ you get the idea, they were ready. There were copious bottles of sparking wine in the fridge and a lovely buffet prepared by Anty Iris to welcome the new guests and a bottle of champagne for our first guests!.
The other holidays guests were invited and a pleasant couple of hours was spent toasting the new cottage. Then they they dragged Anty Lisa outside for a surprise, this was it....

She was very surprised I can tell you, but we all thought it was great as Gap do a lot of good work rescuing dogs from being put to sleep, I'm sure I've mentioned them before in my missives but the web site is www.greyhoundgap.com
Here's Mum and Dad with Lisa enjoying the wine, note Anty Lisa hasn't got any!
The opening gang from left to right, Anty Iris, Andy, Mum, Trish, Jack, Dad, Mark and Carl.
Ok, I'm sure you all want to know what it looks like so here's s few piccies.........
The main bedroom which is ensuite with toilet and shower.
The smaller upstairs bedroom with two single beds.
The second upstairs bathroom.
The upstairs lilac room with two single beds.
and again.
The lounge sunroom area.
Outside enclosed garden and patio.
and again.
The downstairs main bedroom.
and again.
Downstairs bathroom with roll top bath and huge double shower.
Ultra modern kitchen with gas range.
Lounge dining area.
Well, that was that! They didn't know what to do with themselves the Sunday morning and stayed in bed till ten which is unheard of in our household! In case you think we'd been forgotten, Mum did walk us and feed us at just after seven but then we all went back to sleep, worn out!!
A fabulous fortnight followed of nice weather, barbeques, parties in a power cut and Mum went on a visit with the girls to Folly Farm and a good time was had by all!
Anyway, I think that's all that needs to be said for the time being.
Catch you later, Waj x