Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday chilling!

Hi Folks,
Are you chilling out this Sunday? It's been great weather hasn't it? We were all out chilling in the garden this morning, then me mother goes and spoils it all, by fetching that camera thingy! Now my regular readers will know that I hate that camera thingy with a vengeance and every time it comes out, I leg it!
I'm sure it's stealing part of my soul away.....................but anyway, I digress! Phoebe was quite happy to be photoed, but then she was fast asleep at the time!
Kish prefers to chill indoors on my bed, while I was in the garden. She doesn't mind the sun though, her coat is double insulated so it keeps out the cold and the heat. I find my coat a bit hot this weather!
Anyway after I legged it from the garden, there she was coming after me with that darn thing again, so I hid behind the washing pile!
First I had to leg it off the bed as she caught me there first!
Oooh errrr, do you think she can see me? Oi, who called me a wuss? Just because I'm scared of feathers!
Did I ever tell you that I was scared of feathers? If I see one, I go to sniff it then it makes me go all shivery, so I jump back away from it and if it blows at me I run away. It's just one of those scary things, bet most of you are scared of something like spiders or mice or even snakes, I just don't like feathers!
Anyway back to the news, last weekend Andy took Giz into his first ever dressage competition, don't know exactly what that is but apparently he had to be clean so he had a bath, hee hee........

Looks like Andy's wetter than Giz!
Don't know why I'm laughing, cos this week I got caught up to the knees in some really smelly mud in the back sheds. They had been washing off what smelt like rotting beets, and I didn't realise the mud was a deep as it was, soooo in I went! I obviously then got the same treatment as poor old Gizmo!
As for the competition, he performed well apparently and Andy got a rosette for 3rd place and one for 6th place (this is where I tactfully don't mention there were only 3 and 6 in each class!).
Thanks for those who enquired after the Hairy Bear, she is still with us, still eating well and still going on walks although obvioulsy not so fast these days! Will keep you all posted!
Well I'm off to chill out some more as the sun is still shining, then it will be time for the afternoon dogrun with young Jason.
Catch you later,
Waj x