Sunday, January 05, 2014

Fly, Flyball an a weddin!

Halooo, Fly ere, just want to weesh yoo peeps an hapi nu yeer and az it iz me birfday fort I wud keyp youz up to dayt wiv the nuws. I hopes yu ad a nise xmus an nu yeer, we ad lots of parrtis an ther wur lots of lefty ovurs, Iin facte I az just ad sum sowsage rowls wich wer scrumi.
Az sum of youz may no, I az bin lernin flyball wiv Pip an I mus sayz it iz a lot of funn. Mumi dident fink I wud do it cos not al wippets ar az clever az me. Las weak I wuz lernin how to jump on de box wiv anti Rachel an I gets lots of sowsages wich iz nise.
Ere ar sum piktures of me n Pip in owr furst coupla weaks.
Pip dos de jumps

I dos de jumps watchd by anti Rach

I gets sum sowsages, yum!

Pips keen
I dos de bally fetch fing too!
Now yYedtiday I went wiv mumi to see a weddin. Now i downt know wat i waz expektin but i ad to stan abowt for abowt haf an howr wile a lot of peeps went past in dere tidi close. Gud job i ad me cowt on az it wur a bit chilli.
Me lukin chilli
Now de weddin wuz in a castel in fact in dis castel in Man-or-beer, strange questun man-or-beer wat wud I chuse, I fink de beer, aniway az Mr P sais, I digress, heer iz de castel.
Man-or-beer castel
an heer iz de bride Rebecca an her dad Peter who iz mumi's cozin.
Heer cums de bride
Wen everione ad gon in, mumi sed she wuz goin to tayk me to de beech wich i fort wuz an excee lent idea. Wen we got to de beech dere wuz abowt free dogs on dere who I wntid to play wiv, but no-wun wantid to play wiv me, even tho i did me best play bowin fing :-( so i ad to run arownd by meself until I got bord an ast to go home.
Bord now!
Aniway today bein Sundi, we iz suppost to be doin flyball, but az it iz peedlin it down wiv rayn I expect it wil be cancilled. Jus to fineesh off, heer iz a funni pikture of anti Donna who cut er eer an dadi put a sok on it to stop it bleedin, ha ha she luks like a nun downt she?
Dat's all de nuws for now den, Im sure Mr P will bee bak soon wiv de nex blog.

Luv Fly