Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Woe is me and a photo catchup!

Ooooh, woe iz mee! We, that iz all of uz went to see Mrs. V.E.T yesturdy az we all got stunged by a sworm of waspies in de vally! I wuz especily hinjured az I got stunged in the hye and I az to go bak ans see Mrs. V.E.T again toomorow to mak sure my hye is ok. Every one had a hinjection to stop de swellin and I iz almost bak to me normal sellf tooday, hexcept I iz a bit winkie still wiv me hye. I will let yous nows how I git on wiv de V.E.T soon. Luv Luce xxx

Here iz me bein me norty self, hee hee........I izn't reely on de tabil after de Bonio's!Hi all, Waj here again!
Yes, Luce is right we all went to the V.E.T apart from Kish (who is hard!) and also legged it under the jacuzzi when we came back from our waspy dogrun. Poor Jason and Carley both got stung too, but Lucy's was definitely the worst! We were right down in the valley, minding our own business when someone, I don't know who, must have disturbed a nest. They followed us up the field buzzing and stinging and then we finally got away from them, it was very frightening for us all I can tell you! Then of course Mum got in a flap when we got back never having taken all of us to the vet at the same time, she couldn't find the leads, then everyone's collar ('cos not everyone wears one in the country!) but we got there ok, all got bundled in through the back doors and everyone had a jab to bring the swellings down. Dad has been down since and made sure they had all gone, luckily it wasn't on the main public path it was in the hedge where we sometimes do a short cut but I'm sure we won't be going there again!

Anyway, as I haven't been able to post photo's for some time due to the stupid 'pooter being on the blink, I thought I would run you through a quick photo diary since March starting out with Jason and Carley all shopped out at Crufts........April, Mum and Dad's wedding anniversary, as usual held in Mykonos, the Greek restaurant in Tenby!Dad likes his Keo!

May, they went to Picton Castle for the first time ever and Mum's only lived here 31 years!! They said it was really nice, but then again Mum likes old things!
June, Anty Ann came to stay with her international dog pack, some from Ireland, Greece and Spain!! While she was here she went out in the sports car. We are not allowed in the sports car apart from Luce who went to the V.E.T in it once to see if it would stop her being travel sick - it didn't!!
The same month a group of them also went to the new Welsh race track at Ffos Las for Ladies Day. Mum had to get another hat from that place she got one before. Luckily this one went back unmolested by Luce!!July we did woods...............................

Did you spot the husky in that photo? It's well camouflaged and so am I! Jason took us out on the quad too..

We also went to the estuary as it was hot...................................... Phoebe liked to paddle.......

Some of us like to go right in! What do you think to the Loch Ness Waj shot?

Kish loves the beach.......

Lucy did what Lucy does best, gets down and dirty!

August, Jason goes to Germany, his Scooby safely driven by his friend Dan. As you regular bloggers will know, young Jase in banned from driving till Jan 2010. However he still drove the Nurburgring as he's not banned abroad....................

September, Mum and Dad do the County Car run. Dad in the MGZS and Mum took the Scooby much to Jason's disgust! How do you like the new graphic's job? Waka Waka, Pac-man and the ghost!

Anyway, that's about all to update you on at the moment. Mum and Dad are off to Greece on holiday next Wednesday so we're looking forward to playing Jason up! Will report back on Luce hoping her eye gets better soon.
Catch you later, Waj x