Sunday, April 20, 2014

Now we are six and a catchup!

Happy Easter Folks,
Waj here, hope you've had a lovely day and ate lots of chocolates, I personally am not allowed as Mum says it is bad for me, (I'm sure she makes things up!)
Anyway, as it's been a while since I've been on line, I think I need to give you a catchup of the last couple of months.  Firstly for those of you who don't do Facebook, we sadly lost Poppy on 20th January after a progressive cancer. She will always be remembered by her pack as Poppy the puppy, even though she was 14 and a half when she died! Now laid to rest in the garden and muchly missed. RIP and love from the pack, Blitz, Donna, Pip, Fly and Phoebe.

Now then back to the news, firstly there was the annual jaunt to Crufts. Mum,  Jason and Rachel all had an overnighter in Birmingham with two of the Aussies, Phoenix and Denver. They shared a family room at the the Travelodge and apparently Denver shared Mums single bed so it was a bit of a squeeze and a hot night! Here's Denver doing a selfie with young Jason and Rachel on the Discover Dogs stall, Mum met up with lots of her friends as she was allowed to go on hound day this year for the first time in ages!
 Then we had the car incident. About a month ago Mum had parked the Suber-roo just outside the Job centre in Haverfordwest and was inside working. Some woman had parked behind Ruby and started pulling out of the parking space. She hit Ruby up the back end and just drove off! Luckily one of the job centre staff had the presence of mind to get the number, model and make of the car. Although it wasn't too badly damaged, the insurance company took it in for repair and Mum got a courtesy car for a few days, which according to the terms and conditions had to be of a similar standard to what you were used to, so what do you think she got? Haa, I can hear you shouting all sorts of car makes at the screen and what she actually got was this.......
A nice new Mercedes! It certainly entertained Jason with it's gadgets and even told you when you were on the reserve tank and gave you directions to the nearest garages in the area, freaky eh? All this new technology! Anyway, Ruby Roo is now back with a shiny repaired bumper!
Then this little thing gave us all a fright................
"The Little One" as she is known suffered a major illness about 8 weeks ago. On the Sunday she stopped eating and drinking, so on Monday into the vets to see Mr Shaun. He couldn't find anything wrong, so he took bloods in case she had been poisoned. Bloods were inconclusive and still not eating and drinking so back to the vets Wednesday where she was put on a drip. By Thursday, Mum thought she was dying, she was so lifeless and she was being bottle fed water, An xray and scan followed and still couldn't find anything. However Mr Shaun did say if she had swallowed something soft like toy stuffing, it wouldn't show up on the xray. Thankfully on the Friday she turned a corner and started taking small amounts of food and within a week was back to her norty little self. Thank goodness for that!
Like last week for example, how many bones can one little dog want? The answer is ALL of them!
Then the Pipster Whipster had his first birthday, funnily enough on April Fool's day! So happy birthday to him!
But, even though he is now nearly twice Fly's size, she still has him where she want's him! Under the Paw!
They love each other really, LOL
Anyway the last bit of news is that Mum, Dad, Jason and Rachel are all going away soon and leaving us with Antys Hilary, Beverly and Janet, should be fun! Kish and her pack are going to be looked after by Andrea who is Rach's sister and brother in law Ian. I'm sure we'll manage to keep them all on their toes, hee hee...............
Apparently they are off to Greece again to celebrate Mum and Dad's 20th Wedding Anniversary, and as the saying goes, they would have served less for murder!
Still that's all for now and look forward to giving you the update on their return!
Catch you later,
Waj x