Monday, July 31, 2006


Hi folks,

Well, barbeque weather is well and truly here and we seem to be having one weekly at the moment. Last week we had Alan, Carole and family and Kerry, David and family, members of Greyhound Gap. You will probably have heard me mention the Gappers before and if you are interested in greyhound chat (or any sighthounds for that matter) their website is at

Anyway our main guest at last weeks barbi was Mabel and here she is reclining on the sofa with Luce.

As I said she bought her humans Kerry and David and lots of food (and drink) was shared by all! For those of you who like doggie pic's here's the rest of Mabel's family.

"Libby of the Sandcastle"..........................this is soooooo funny!

"Sacha of the Pink Harness"

And Larry also known as "Grumpy Knickers" (can't think why mate, know how you feel surrounded by women all the time!).

Many fawning apologies to Kerry for pinching all her photo's off photobucket! Mum says if you are going to sue for copyright can you wait till she's had her op!

OK folks, onto the Lucy story of the week. Picture the scene. Kerry and co are making their way into the hot tub for a nice long leisurely soak with a beer or two. Mum (or Dad) (both will probably blame each other), has left the garden gate open so Lucy can mingle with those using the hot tub. She wanders in makes a big fuss of everyone, then wanders back into the garden. A few minutes later Kerry says "oh look Lucy's playing with a flip flop" there she was too, tossing it in the air running up and down with it. Everyone was enjoying her antic's in the garden. At this point it is funny as Kerry is a regular reader of the blog and knows Kish and I have a penchant for flip flop redesigning. She also knows we are in the throes of teaching Luce as she is a good thief and several pairs have been "redesigned" over the last few months.

Suddenly the flip flop drops to the floor in between tosses and Kerry suddenly realises that its HER flip flop" and indeed it is. David, at this time, legs it out of the jacuzzi dripping wet and chases Lucy round the garden trying to obtain the offending article. When he does manage to catch up with her and extract it from the jaws of doom, she had the audacity to bark at him and tell him off for spoiling her fun! She's got a nerve that madam, I've have legged it and hidden in the bedroom!

Anyway, she didn't have a chance to do MUCH damage I believe. Just before we go we'll have a couple more shots taken on barbeque night.

Kish awaiting a vacant chair at the dinner table!

and finally one of the little star herself trying to get round Dave for a sausage!

That's all the news for now, will be back soon with some pictures of wanton destruction-yes you've guessed it Luce style.

Speak soon, Waj x

Monday, July 24, 2006

Operations and things.

Well, what a hot couple of weeks! I have been lying mainly in the bedroom keeping cool until the dogrun when we can all go swimming in the irrigation pond. All our visitors have gone back with Mediteranian sun tans and the human swimming pool has been a tropical temperature of over 30 degrees!

Mummy, as you might have heard, was due to go into hospital to be (in Grace's words) spaded and on the morning of the 12th July she packed a little bag, kissed us all on the nose and told us to be good dogs for Daddy (ha, ha) and disappeared off to the vets (well I think that's where they go for operations!). Two hours later she was back, as the consultant (I think that's the head vet) told her there wasn't a bed available. He was apparently cross too as he had three operations planned and had now only got one patient as the other two had been sent home! Mummy was very cross as she had handed all her work over to a colleague, arranged for Dad to have time off work, done all the washing and cleaned the house (well a bit anyway!). So watch this space for the next instalment as apparently she is going to go private and has a provisional date of 3rd August.

In the last two weeks we met Jane and Rob who do animal sitting. They have five dogs four collies and a Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling retriever (that was a mouthful). He and Gypsy (one of the lady collies) are expecting puppies soon, so good luck Red and Gypsy! Mum has asked Jane to come and look after us if they go away on holidays as she looks after dogs (and other animals) in their homes. If anyone in South Wales wants their web address it's Rob is also a qualified plant person. I was going to be posh and put that word in that starts with horti..... but I couldn't spell it, after all I'm only a dog!

Last week Lady Belle came down to see us again and also Oliver who is brother to Hestia and of course Lady herself. They bought their humans Chris, Rudy, Sharon and Georgina.Now Chris's dogs and Sharon's dogs have all been on hols before and got on great. They left them for a few hours on Wednesday and Thursday and all was well, Friday they popped out for lunch and when they got back there had been a big scrap and Logan, one of Chris's dogs and one of Sharons dogs, Shane were all covered with blood! After the initial panic (and a quick shower) it turns out that a vet trip wasn't necessary as they both had minor injuries, mainly nip marks. Even Lady got one on the nose! Here she is showing her injury and doesn't she look like Hess? Logan is the one on the left hiding his face and William (who probably slept right through it as he's old) is on the right.

Here thay are again just settling down to travel to Cornwall for the second week of their hols.

Must say hi to Karen, Stuart and Charlotte too, they came to dinner and we had lasagne and there was lots left for me! Yippee! Mum wants me to say thank you to Charlotte as she bought her a lovely tea towel with a whippet embroidered on it. So, thank you Charlotte!

Finally, a question for you to ponder on, how many ducklings can you fit in a baking tray?

The answer is of course six although I think the nine could get in there if they wanted to! Aren't they sweet?

Anyway, will keep you posted on Mum's impending filleting as Dad calls it, he's soooo funny!

Waj x

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Car stories.

Hi all,

Well, where did that last fortnight go? Let me see, on the last entry we were just about to have a barbeque and very pleasant it was too. I actually joined in this time and met the visitors from that week who came with their Mum and Dad, Gareth and Kate Here they are, Mr. Mac and Sophie relaxing on the sofa!

Mr. Mac

and Sophie

We also met Liz and Patrick who had three lovely collies, makes a change to see other hairy beasts after all the pointy dogs! Must tell you this story from last week though, I was out in the farmyard minding my own business, when Kate comes out of Swallow's Dance to speak to me. Well as you know, I am going through a non sociable stage of life, so instead of letting her make a fuss of me I legged it towards the farmhouse and into the nearest enclosed space which happened to be Liz and Patrick's car. They had the doors open as they were just going out! Much merriment followed at my expense I might add, and I ended up having to say hello to Kate anyway!

Talking about relaxing on the sofa how's this for a roach position by the hairy Bear?

That's just reminded me when I mentioned the car, about a story Mum told me about my predesessor Wally. Apparently a few years ago Mum and Dad were having some land cleared by a JCB and uncle Wally being an outdoor sort of dog had been running round a very muddy farmyard. The wife of the JCB driver arrives to speak to him about something, gets out of the car and leaves the door open. You can guess what's coming! Wally jumps in on the drivers side and then hops over into the back seat and sits there waiting to be taken to the beach, leaving a trail of mud in his wake! If you think that was funny the best bit is to come, it wasn't actually her car, she had picked it up in pristine condition from the local garage to take out on a test drive as they were thinking of buying it. Oh dear! (Hee, hee, hee, he was a right character Uncle Wal!).

Finally as we haven't had one for a while, a picture of moi having dinner. As you can see it is usually a very relaxed affair and sometimes I can't even be bothered to stand up for it!

Anyway, must be off as it's nearly time for the morning dogrun.

Waj x