Friday, June 22, 2007

Ascot and Aliens

Hello and welcome to another edition of the blog. We have had lots more visitors since the last blog but one I especially wanted to say hi to is Trixter! Here he is..............................
Trixter was a racing greyhound until he retired recently, but what was more he was a good racing greyhound which means he still finds small furry things very exciting. Kate and Gareth (his humans) are experienced sighthound people and last time they came on hols, they bought Mr. Mac and Sophie their greyhounds with them. Sadly, they lost them both within a short space of time last year and in the meantime had a human puppy called Scarlett! This means that now some rescues won't home dogs with them, as they have a child under 4. Luckily, the rescue they had their last greys from made an exception (very wise too), so Trixter is now in his forever home. He tells me he hadn't done much socialising when he was racing, so everything was a bit new to him. He came to dinner with his Mum and Dad but got a tiny bit excitable with Poppy (the Jack Russell) so we put her in the bedroom and he was fine with everyone else and luurved the ladieees! All the humans were very pleased with him, so keep it up mate!

Anyway, the big story of the week is that Mum went to Ascot yesterday and upset our routine entirely! Dad was supposed to be going too, but he did his back in at the weekend lifting lintels onto the scaffolding and didn't feel he could sit on a coach for 5 hours at a stretch. So, young Jason went instead. Here they are...
The rest of the gang who went................................
Jason knocking back the champagne about 11 am!!

What it meant for us at home, was that we had to get up for a walk at 4 in the morning, as Mum and Jay had to get on the coach at 5am!! Yikes!! It felt like we'd only just gone to bed! Luce of course was up for it, streaking about looking for badgers that hadn't quite made it back to bed. I'm not THAT active first thing, I have to say! Anyway, once we'd been out, that meant we could have a lay in till 10am. A lot more civilised!
Talking about sleep, that reminds me I must tell you about a strange dream I had last week. I dreamed I was out in the garden and surrounded by little white feathery aliens...................weird!It was very scary. Then there were more of them, they seemed to be multiplying.........................
Then there was more.......they were all around me..................even some black ones behind bars..
EEEkk, I was sooooo scared......................................
Then, they all just seemed to vanish, even the very last one.................What a monster!
Anyone else get weird dreams like that? No? Perhaps it was just me then!
Phoebe? No she's far too sensible................................I think?
Anyway, must be off then, got another couple of hours kip in the sun before tea!
Catch you later, Waj x

Friday, June 01, 2007

What do you do on holiday?

Well, as some of you may know, Mum and Dad are building a new holiday cottage so that more of my doggie pals can stay on their holidays. Last week the roof trusses arrived (yes, I'm getting very knowledgeable about building materials these days, I even have breeze blocks to pee up!). So here are some of the roof trusses in place...............................
Trev and Andy lifting the trusses and who's that in the middle?
Would you rope your current holiday guests in to help you lift the said trusses onto the wall plate? Oh yes they would!! The one in the middle is Paul who came to stay in Dumpledale last week! They have no shame!............
There was only 38 of the things and they were very heavy I can tell you, 'cos later in the afternoon once they had all been lifted into place and battened together, a huge big gust of wind came and blew them all down like a pack of domino's! The air was blue! Luckily they didn't fall on anyone though and they stayed up on the roofspace so they didn't have to be lifted up again.
Dad would like to say a big thanks to Paul and Andrea (for those people on the Refuge, that's Safneo) for helping out. Paul for doing the lifting and Andrea for letting him, when they would probably rather been doing something more pleasant! So, if you're coming on hols this summer, don't forget your hard hat and work boots!
Back to doggie things, Kish has got a poorly paw at the moment so wasn't let on the dogrun today. I didn't realise she wasn't going till we were out in the backfield and she wasn't there for me to chase, so I had to make do with lunging at Bear instead who wasn't impressed! These two had a good run though, do you think they've bonded?
One last one of that dratted whippet in the bed, she's a right diva!
Hi to all our new blog readers from Dogs with blogs linky thing here I looked through and I think I am the only deerhound with a blog and Luce is the only whippet contributor although Bella has a whippet sister, hi Bella!
Anyway, must be nearly time for tea so I'll have a quick nap before then. It's about time Mum cut my fringe, what do you think?
Catch you later, Waj x