Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I've been hacked! (and the new style blog!)

Well, after a year and a half of writing my blog, I've been hacked twice in two days! Don't know whether many of you caught it? I think Auntie Corrine did! Anyway, VERY luckily for us, our website manager, Matthew, was staying down in the caravan and sorted it for us straight away.

While he was at it, I showed him the Beast Blog (which we all think is great). For those of you who haven't met Troy, Jack, Monty, Maple and Kai, log onto their website at www.thebeastlybeasts.co.uk and Matthew has put me a similar layout which means the blog is BIGGER! The only problem was that he couldn't transfer the comments so apologies all, you're gonna have to make some new ones!!

Anyway, let me know what you think of the new layout and lets hope we don't get hacked again for a while!

Waj x

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mum's home!

Well, Mum's home! After being away five days at the vet, well I think that's where she went for her operation, she came home on Monday. It wasn't all good news for us though, as none of us were allowed in the bedroom. She emerged quickly to fuss us all individually then disappeared back round the bedroom door with a lot of oohing and ouching!

At this point, on behalf of Mum, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the nurses at the Sancta Maria, hope you liked the website Lorna! Not forgetting the head vet, Mr. Kevelighan who took Mum's bits out! She said sorry they were a bit of a struggle to remove and to tell you "nice motor!" Talking about motors, Dad and Jason have for some months been in friendly competion about who can chav their car up the most and now both of them have almost rigged out their vehicles to the hilt. As it happens, Mum came home from her op last week in the souped up MG ZS and I must tell you what happened as it was soooo funny for all except Dad!

On discharge, Mum toddles down and gets in the car to travel the 65 miles home. As soon as the car hits a bump in the road, she is oohing and ouching all over the place. Apparently after a hysterectomy (that's the posh word for being spaded) it feels likes your insides are all swishing about inside you and it's very uncomfortable. Sounds horrible doesn't it? Anyway, Dad is driving his chavved up car which looks like this.................................

and he has to crawl round Swansea doing 15/20 mph in a 30mph limit, avoiding all the bumps and potholes he can, with a huge queue of traffic behind him! He was mortified! Bet he wishes instead of one of those "baby on board" stickers, he had a "wife's just had an op" sticker!

Well, things are almost back to normal today as I have been allowed back in the bedroom to lie on the bed with Luce. She almost blotted the copybook, as Mum got up for two minutes to go to the loo and when she got back to bed, Luce had taken the book she was reading onto the floor and made several teethmarks in it! Luckily though, she hadn't ripped the pages and it was still readable! Mum is now on her second course of antibiotics as she has a wound infection, but apart from that she is feeling a lot better. Thanks to all those who have sent get well wishes and I'm sure she will be back on her feet in no time.

Still can't quite get used to seeing Dad in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove................................hmmm.

Thanks to you all again,

Waljan x

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Kitchen rolls and a visit to the beach.

Hi folks,

Well, as promised in my last missive, some scenes of devastation Luce style! But, before I post them, I will just run you through the lead up to the actual event. A couple of weeks ago, Dad's sister Janet came to stay with us for the weekend. She had actually come to bid at auction for the next door farm but unfortunately, the price went to high. Anyway, Mum had cooked on the Sunday night so Andy offered to cook on the Monday night. This came as a bit of a shock to them all, as Andy doesn't normally offer. So, off they trotted to his place at 7pm delighted to have got out of cooking for the night. After several glasses of wine and some suprisingly good food, they got back later to this...........................................

I am, you understand, just inspecting the scene, I had NOTHING to do with it!

Luce had in fact done a spot of counter surfing, got a brand new packet of three kitchen rolls and shredded them all in the garden. You may notice the odd shredded cardboard box thrown in for good effect. This was only half of the garden, the other half was the same.

Here she is pretending it wasn't her!

Who me? It's snowing in summer!

Anyway, let us now jump forward to last weekend when we went to the beach with Star, Molly and their mum Ceri! We luurrve the beach and here we are in the sandunes just going down to the water..................

Star and Molly are two rescue greyhounds, Ceri has had Star for quite a long time as he is now 13. Molly finished on the track last year and has been with Ceri since then. As with most ex racing dogs she has spent all her life in a kennel and wasn't used to home life or the idea of playing. However for the first time on the beach she actually played with us for a short while. Mainly with Luce who can wind anyone up to play! Here she is doing a "lets play" pose behind Luce...................................

The little black thing behind Luce was a King Charles Cavalier we met on the beach. He wouldn't leave us alone and his poor Dad came traipsing down the beach at least four times to collect him! Ha, ha, just noticed Luce actually looks like a whippet with seven legs and a black hairy posterior! Didn't see that before!

Here are Star and Molly having a mooch on the beach. Star..................


As you can see, she still has a few bare patches from kennel life.

Also that week we met Laura, Martin and family, they gave us some tips on how to destress your dog which apparently works well on firework night. All done with a bandage! The miracles of modern technology! Mum will explain how it works to me and I'll run through it on the blog for you at a later date.

Nearly time to go now as Mum is definately going in for her operation tomorrow so as she won't be here to turn the computer on for me. Bah humbug! Never mind I'm sure we can think of something to wind Dad up. Luce carried his watch into the garden last week but as it had a metal strap, it was a bit hard on the teeth so she just left it there. Got him a bit hot under the collar though. Hee, hee.

Off now for the evening dogrun, speak soon,

Waj x