Friday, July 04, 2014

Holidays and hospitals.

Good afternoon folks,
Good Dog, has it really been that long since my last post? Must get onto it more, but the last few weeks have been so warm that we have all been lazing about in the sun and not feeling like doing anything really. Sooo, as we have a slightly wet afternoon thought I would put my best paw forward and give you a catchup of what's been occuring!
Firstly I have to say that we enjoyed Mum and Dad's holiday, the two rascally one's collectively known as Flip managed to mangle a few things while they were away.
See butter wouldn't melt....
but someone's had the loo roll!
To cap it all I think we had better weather here than Mum and Dad did in Greece! They only had four nice days and the rest was overcast or raining. Then they all started with a cold, Rachel first, then Dad, then Mum and finally Jason had it by day five. Still they managed to get out and about and do some sight seeing and took a boat trip to the active volcano at Nisyros. Here are a few snaps of their hols...........
The apartments and the beach 
Dad defying the health and safety barrier! Apparently it was a long drop the other side!
Discovering the old fort by Kardamena 
 More ruins at the Ascaplion
 View from the balcony
 Ahoy there landlubbers - there be pirates aboard!
 Looking a bit windswept here!
 And of course after a hard day sightseeing, it's always cocktail o'clock!
So that was the holiday over then. They all get back on the Thursday night looking suitably tanned, then on the Saturday, we all had a scare as Mum ended up staying overnight in the Coronary Care Unit in Withybush hospital. She had one of her sort of palpitation attacks which she's had on and off for about a year. This time it wouldn't stop and worst case scenario they were considering stopping her heart and starting it again to get in back in sinus rhythym. Scarey eh?
Luckily they managed to slow the heart rate down with drugs, but it did mean that they gave her a full going over Xray, scan, heart echo, blood tests etc etc and it seems as though she has a condition called atrial fibrillation which means its to do with the electrical wiring to the heart and it's not the heart itself which seems to be in good nick! Anyway she is now on different tablets which slow her heart rate down and touch wood, she hasn't had a major one since.
Other than that we have enjoyed the hot weather, all our humans have enjoyed the pool which has been up to 30 degrees at one point.
Mum and Dad gave me another hair cut last week and although I didn't enjoy it, it has made me feel alot cooler and of course my favorite sport when it's warm is jumping in the big pond to cool down then racing in to see if I can get on the human bed before they stop me, hee hee it's good fun!
Just before I go, here's a funny picture of Blitzen as the table top ornament...........
And, not that this thing is spoiled by Mother in any way at all, but I heard that this bed came all the way from in Fly's words A-merry-car ! Lucky little rat, it won't take my weight apparently......
Anyway, as they say in the cartoons "that's all Folks"
Enjoy your summer and we'll speak soon!
Waj x