Sunday, September 09, 2012

Some days out in the soggy summer!

Hi folks,
Where did those last two months go? Time has shot by! I know July and August is Mum and Dad's busiest time but they have managed to get out and about on a couple of occasions and taken that darn gruesome twosome with them. Firstly as you can see they went to the Pembrokeshire County show and...... guess who's got new collars! Not that I'm jealous or anything, I mean who would want to be seen in that ghastly yellow? Not me!
Anyway Dad attended the show for the three days, Mum went two days and the poopies went on the last day. Here's a couple of photos.........what's Donna looking at?
Those big horse steaks of course attached to the carriages!
Dad enjoys a pasty and a cider.......artfully posed!
There's always something exciting moving in the ring!
Blitz is still looking for that pasty!
Me mother treated herself to a wooden sort of whippety model, which me Dad said was a waste of money but Mum didn't care!
In fact it matches in well with her new bedroom furniture in the log cabin!
Ahh, the log cabin I hear you ask? Well they are slowly moving things in and it is very nearly ready to move in to. Dad has a few more jobs to do, connect the gas and washing machine and finish the fence to keep us all in the paddock, then we will be moving in! Can't wait I must say as they have got a huge new sofa to try out!
Apart from the show they did get to go to Picton Castle to see an event called carriages in the park! Unfortunately that day like most days in August, it rained! At one point early on, they were the only ones there!
However by lunchtime it had dried up and lots more people turned up. There were little carriages like this...
to big ones like this..............................
To some in between...... Dad particularly liked this turnout as driving is one thing he's always wanted to do!
Well that's about it for now, hope you've all been able to get out and about even though we've had a dismal summer. We'll bring you news of the imminent move and some photo's of our soon to be new home!

Catch you all later!

Waj x