Saturday, November 06, 2010

Hallowe'en - Waljan's Blog Edition 100

Oi Oi! What's occuring?

Well, I'll tell ya what's occuring! My ol' mate Waj has left his 'puter in my capable paws and asked me to wag my tongue as well as my tail! And of course I'm only too happy to oblige!

Now if you ain't met me, I suppose I'd better introduce myself. The name's Boo and I've been coming to visit Waj & Co for the last few years with my l'il sis Gyp and a few of our bestest pals. I'll introduce you to them all as this chinwag goes on. Anyway, me and the gang come down from London a couple of times a year. We come down this time of year to get away from the horrible bangs of the fireworks, cos there's a lot fewer here you see. Course they don't bother me none, but my chauffeur Joe, reckons it's for the best. (P.S Don't believe a word Gyp says, she can be a bit of a fibber and reckons I'm afraid of loud noises. Hah!)

Back to what I've been tasked to do. This year we've got two cottages at Dumpledale to play in. Me and Gyp, Birdie the blind poodle and her l'il sister Edie as well as their cuz Mollie and Cameron the Scottie and his little sis Darcy the Silly Ham, Oops, I mean Sealyham Terrier are in Wyn's with our chauffeur, chef and housekeeper, aka Joe, Tessa and Karen. Across the yard in Little Dumpledale are Chevy and Jessica the loopy Lakelands with their staff, Simon and Inam.

Anyway, we arrived in time for Hallowe'en and thought it would be a good idea to throw a party for the staff, cos they do work rather hard throughout the year and well, ya gotta treat them well to get the best from them. Reward based training! Haha!

And to be even nicer, we allowed them to have a few friends in to help them have fun.

They all got rather excited and many of them dressed up in strange costumes. Carol and Trev, Waj's folks, Jennie from the Caravan, Rachel and Gary from Swallows Dance, Karen and Jeanette from up the road and Waj's Uncle Andy all looked great as witches, ghouls, vampires and other scary things.

They ate some weird food called Hungarian GHOULash and Eyeball Jelly!


And they all had a couple of fruit based drinks to wash it down with. Then they sang alot of silly songs and danced the night away. The next morning they all looked perky enough, but by the afternoon their shenanigans seemed to have caught up with them and they were all rather delicate.

But despite their lacklustre, there was no time to rest on their laurels, as there were beaches to be played on and fields to be traipsed across.

Doogie and Charlie, our friends from up the road, who employ Karen and Jeanette had recently moved house and invited our staff to their new home for a good look around and have some more food and drinks. And what a lovely new house they have. I think Doogie and Charlie are a bit posh mind, they've got another two members of staff too. I'm not sure what their duties are, but Richard and Lizzie are lovely anyway.

Now I'm rambling!

This week's been one social occasion after another! Of course we've spent loads of time on the beach, well lots of beaches and we've had the pleasure of being joined by or other pals
Magic, Zara, Callie and Rocket, bringing along with them Uncle Andy.

Zara had a fab time digging

But Waj's dad Trev thought a bit of one-up-manship was needed and went and got one of these

I don't think they'll let him take it on the beach though!

I'll leave it to Waj to tell you what else Trev intends to do with it, but did you notice something like I did? It's not YELLOW! Hehe!

Anyway folks, I'm gonna close this blog with a huge Thank-you to Waljan for asking me to contribute.

I'm still choked up at his generosity in allowing me the honour of writing Waljan's Blog's 100th edition!
Congratulations Waj on this milestone and a huge thankyou too for being my friend!

Wags n licks