Monday, February 28, 2011

February Spring Clean

Hiya Folks,
Gosh was that February been and gone? They've all working hard and doing stuff these last few weeks, including giving me a spring clean!!! Hah! There was that woman here again, you know with the London gang who come down in February half term and again in November. Well Anty Karen is a dog groomer and I'm her holiday job! Here she is doing me nose, oooh it tickles, hee,hee

I actually had a shower first, but I still managed to get a fair bit of water on both Mum and Dad too, so I got my own back. Then after the quick trim, managed to get into the bedroom and finished drying myself off on their bed!
What do you think of the finished article then? Scuse the possessed eyes, its me mother's crap phone camera, Anty Karen got rid of all me lugs though, and I don't get so muddy in the wet! 

That dratted whippet also had a spring clean after a particularly dirty dogrun down the valley and now has yet another new collar! Mum says the skull and crossbones one is too nice for her to ruin in the fields, so she's got one that makes her look almost naked, ooh err!

Then they decided to take the tree down in Dumpledale garden as it was stopping the sunlight. It was also a bit close to the power lines. Sooooo, up the tree went the monkey in the form of young Jason, don't worry about Health and Safety folks, he's a trained arboriculturalists! Blimey that's a big word for me isn't it? It means he's qualified to chop down trees basically. It was a big tree too, Mum couldn't watch, especially when he was wielding the chain saw at 20 feet up!!! Eeeek............................

Hang on there young Jason!!

I also wanted to show you the new floor in Dumpledale following the leak there just before Christmas. Nice bit of tiling by Dad, it's not so slippy to walk on as the laminate was, it was also well tested at the New Year party!

February was also Uncle Andy's birthday and they went up for a special meal at a tiny little restaurant in Cilgerran by Cardigan called the Cilgerran kitchen. They only seat twelve in the evenings and the food was apparently excellent, so excellent in fact that they didn't bring any leftovers back for us dogs!!!! Andy had a very special pudding made for him, a huge baked Alaska with Cointreau. What do you think? It reminds me of that film, Close Encounters of the third kind for some reason!

In February too, Mum, Dad and Carley went for a look see at Anna Ryder Richardson's place called Manor House wildlife park, you've probably seen it on the telly a programme called Anna's wild welsh zoo. They were having an open day to raise money to save a Rhino, I'd rather them save me one of those wallabies, they look quite tasty......................................................................................................hmm
Anyway, I digress, here's Dad feeding the wallabies 

They're very tame and you can stroke them too.................................

They've even got a white one!

The lemur enclosure was pretty good too apparently!

While the London gang were down they went to a night of live music at Anty Chris's pub and had a very good night. Luckily Mum didn't pass out this time, but they all got very merry and Boo's Dad, Joe, fell out the van on his arrival back in the farmyard and landed on his back in the mud, it is quite wet this time of year! We dogs were watching out the window, it was quite funny as he was lying in the mud and  laughing his head off! They all went and dragged him up, then turned him round and took photos!

The last bit of news for the month is Mum has a new car which looks a bit like this................................

Yes, you're quite right, it's not yellow! It's apparently a Subaru Impreza WRX, STI whatever that means but I guess us dogs aren't ever going to be seeing the inside of that one, so who cares anyway?

Well, that's all the news for ´╗┐now and it's time for me to head off on our little night time trog up the lane with Dad and those of us who are allowed out at night! Catch you all soon!

Waj x